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  • Marie BLECHOVA

    Female 1859 - 1859  (0 years)



    Blecha Family Tree Updated March 2014

    This tree was prepared by Jan Zajicek, resident of Nyrany, Czech Republic. It updates some of the information for the Blecha families from Hlince 6.

    File nameBlecha Family Tree from Hlince 6 Updated Overview.jpg
    File Size10.58m
    Dimensions14384 x 7059
    Linked toAlois BLECHA; Anton BLECHA; Antonin "Anton" BLECHA, Sr.; Clara BLECHA; Frank "Franz" Joseph BLECHA; Frantisek BLECHA; Frantisek "Frank" BLECHA; Frantisek "Frank" BLECHA, Sr.; Frantisek "Frank" Joseph BLECHA; Jakub (Jacob) BLECHA, Sr.; Jan Nepomuk BLECHA; Joannes "John" Nepomuk BLECHA; Johann (John) BLECHA; Josef BLECHA; Josef BLECHA, Sr.; Josephus "Joseph" BLECHA; Karl BLECHA; Matej "Michael" BLECHA; Petr "Peter" BLECHA; Vaclav BLECHA; Vaclav BLECHA; Vaclav (Wenzel) (James) BLECHA; Vojtech BLECHA; Vojtech Adalbertus "Albert" BLECHA; Wenceslaus or Vaclav "James" BLECHA; Anna BLECHOVA; Anna BLECHOVA; Anna BLECHOVA; Antonie "Antonia" BLECHOVA; Antonie "Antonia" BLECHOVA; Barbara BLECHOVA; Frantiska BLECHOVA; Frantiska BLECHOVA; Josefa "Josephine" BLECHOVA; Katerina "Katherine Anna" BLECHOVA; Marie BLECHOVA; Marie BLECHOVA; Marie "Mary" BLECHOVA; Anna BROUKOVA; Marie MATASOVA