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    George E. McDaniel's Pension Application for Civil War Duty

    George Edward McDaniel  [GEM]                                                         


    In late 1911, GEM applied for pension benefits for the time that he served in the Confederate Army.  It appears that he enlisted on January 8, 1864 into Neely’s Regiment of the 14th Tennessee Cavalry.  Living on meager funds generated from his small (15 acre) farm and failing in health, he had seen from other friends and former Civil War veterans that it was possible to apply benefits. 


    Flag from Tennessee 14th Cavalry – Confederate Army Neely’s Regiment


    rate Army Neely’s Regiment



    GEM did apply for benefits, but basically, the response from the War Department and the Pension reviewers was that GEM went AWOL (Absent Without Leave) on or about May of 1864.  George’s story was different.  He claimed that had been left behind by his regiment because he was sick, but he was unable to prove his claim.


    The following documents comprise the Pension File for George McDaniel in his application for benefits for Civil War Veterans and document GEM’s story.


    GEM filled out the “Soldier’s Application for Pension-State of Tennessee” and it was filed on Dec. 22, 1911


    Information listed on the application includes the following statements:  [GEM’s responses in blue]


    “I, G. E. McDaniel, a native of the State of Tennessee and now a citizen of Tennessee, resident of Bradford in the County of Gibson in said state of Tennessee and who was a soldier from the State of Tennesse, in the war between the United States and the Confederate States, do hereby apply for aid under the Act of the General Assembly of Tennessee entitled “An Act for the benefit of the indigent and disabled  soldiers of the late war between the States, and to fix the fees of attorneys or agents for procuring such pensions and fixing a penalty for the violation of the same”.  And I do solemnly swear that I was a member of ____


    In what County and State, and year were you born?  Answer:  Hardiman Tennessee 1837

    When did you enlist and in what command?  Neely Regiment  Higgs Company  [?] 14th  Tenn. Confederate Cavalry  [He goes on to say that he . . .] never was in regular battle.  Capt Higgs was commanding [?] from Neely’s Regiment & never received any wound.  He said that I was left sick near Yazoo City Miss. Just at the close of war and never got back to command any more.  He also said that he was sick for some time after close of war.

    On the form, it asked “In what business are you now engaged, if any, and what do you earn?  He replied, “Farming  Hard Living


    The three-page application required GEM to provide two witnesses to the applicant’s statements and character.  One witness was M N Perry and the other was J C McDaniel.  J. C. McDaniel stated, “I J.C. McDaniel vouch for the above statement as being true of my own presence knowledge.” [At this time, I don’t know who this J.C. McDaniel is.  It may be either of his brothers, James or John.



    On January 4, 1912 a typed response from the War Department, The Adjutant General’s Office,  was placed in the Pension file in response to the application.  It stated,


    President, Tennessee Board of Pension Examiners, Nashville.


    The records show that G.E. McDaniel, private, 2nd Company E, 14th Tennessee Cavalry, Confederate States Army, enlisted January 8, 1864.  On the last company roll dated May 11, 1864, last on file, he was reported absent without leave.  No later record has been found of a Captain Wiley Higgs as of the 14th Tennessee Cavalry, Confederate States Army.

    It appears that there was a Captain Wiley Higgs in the 3d, Forrest’s, Tennessee Cavalry, Confederate States Army, but there are no rolls of his company on file in this office, and no record has been found of the capture or parole of a man named G.E. McDaniel as of that organization.



    [Typed letter from Pension Board to GEM]

    Jan. 8, 1912

    G.E. McDaniel 13363


    Mr. G.E. McDaniel,   Bradford Tenn.,

    Dear Sir,

                    I have been unable to find any record of you as a member of Capt. Wiley Higgs Company.  If you can give me the name and post office address of anyone who was with you at the time you claim to have been left sick, I will write to him and try to get the proof for you.  Very truly your,    Special Examiner.




    [Handwritten letter from GEM to Pension Board]

    Bradford Tenn          Jan. 19, 1911

    Mr. Frank A Moses

    Dear Sir,   I received your letter today wishing to know if I could give you the name of any one that was along when I was left sick.  Mr. Nick Perry, Bolivar Tenn on the [scouts??]  I think you can get the information you wish to know from Mr Nick Perry Bolivar Tenn. 

    Very truly yours G. E. McDaniel



    [Typed letter from Pension Board to Mr. Nick Perry]

    Jan. 15, 1912

    G.E. McDaniel  13363


    Mr. Nick Perry,  Bolivar Tenn.,

    Dear Sir:  I am referred to you for information with regard to the service of this applicant for a pension.  He claims that he belonged to Capt. Wiley Higgs company.  That he was left sick near Yazoo City, Miss., just before close of the war and was never able to go back to his command any more.  He claims that you wer present at the time [?].  Did you belong to Capt. Higgs Company?  How long did he serve therein?  Were you present and did you know he was left sick?  If so, please state as nearly as possible when this occurred.  The last record I can find of him is in the last roll of Company E. 14th Tenn. Cavalry, dated May 11, 1864, he is reported “absent without leave”.  Very truly yours,   Special Examiner.



    [Handwritten letter from Nick Perry]



    Bolivar Tenn  Jan 28, 1912

                    Mr. Frank A Moses

                      In regard to the where abouts of G.E. McDaniel at the close of the war.  Yes I belong to Capt Higgs Company  So did Mr McDaniel but I cannot say where he was left sick at or where he was at the close of the war.  I am near 94[?74?] years end my memory is bad and it has been so long that I cannot say hoping though you will be able to find out by [?]   I will give you some news of some of the old comrades and you can refer to them.  [two names are listed]  Hope you will have good success.  Nick Perry.




    [Typed letter from Pension Board to GEM]


    Feb. 9, 1912

    GE McDaniel        133363

    After reviewing your letter of January 10 I wrote to Mr. Nick Perry of Bolivar and he says in reply he cannot say more than he was left sick where he was at the close of the war.  Give me some other reference for this [?].  Very truly yours      Special Examiner




    [Handwritten letter from GEM to Pension Board]

    Bradford    Feb. 15, 1912

    No. 133363

    Mr. Frank A Moses

    Dear Sir

    Yours of the 10 to hand.  You want some more reference in regard in regard to where I was left.   I don’t know of any one that was with me when I was left that is now living but Mr. Perry.  I know I was left at a farmer’s house in the country in Mississippi.  They taken care of me until I got able to ride.  This was a short while before [Page 2] the surrender when I got so I could ride.  I went back to Cap. Higgs.  He knowing that I was not able for service let me go home believing that the war was nearly to a close.  In a short while after I got home Gen Lee surrendered and the war closed.  And I was not able for service when the war closed.  The Dr called it being sick but it was caused from an old hurt falling from the wall of a house backward across a [?] where my left hip joins myback.  [Page 3] I thought when I joined the army I had gotten over that hurt but fifteen or sixteen months it began to give me trouble sleeping on damp ground and riding too much it grew worse.  There was five years after the close of the war that I could hardly ride [?]  on account of it   [?] Mr. Moses if I hadn’t thought I was worthy of a Pension I wouldn’t ask  [?]  been able to do any thing for two years failed entirely last year to make [Page 4] a crop, was sick all the year, and am not able to get my fire wood, have to hire it got.  I would hate to be turned down.  I like a few months of being 75 years old.  There is an old soldier living near me that knows that I was in the army.  He is on your Pension list  He went in the army from the same community that I did but he was in the infantry.  G E Bryant.  If you want to know how I stand in the community where I live I can give you a list of [Page 5] names of the [?] figures [much more not-readable]  Very truly yours  G.E. McDaniel



    May 23, 1912  George Edward McDaniel passed away.


    Aug 1, 1912  Pension file is stamped, “REJECTED”



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