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    Morgan County, Kentucky


    Tree: Blecha/McDaniel

    Latitude: 37.9145713, Longitude: -83.2934086


    Matches 1 to 50 of 593

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
    1 BOLIN, Ada  6 Apr 1911Morgan County, Kentucky I10934 Blecha/McDaniel 
    2 BOLIN, Bessie  9 Oct 1908Morgan County, Kentucky I10933 Blecha/McDaniel 
    3 BOLIN, Ina May  16 Feb 1912Morgan County, Kentucky  I10935 Blecha/McDaniel 
    4 BOLIN, Leroy "Roy"  30 Sep 1922Morgan County, Kentucky I10938 Blecha/McDaniel 
    5 BOLIN, Ollie Marvin  28 Feb 1920Morgan County, Kentucky I10936 Blecha/McDaniel 
    6 BOLIN, Paul  24 Mar 1924Morgan County, Kentucky I10937 Blecha/McDaniel 
    7 BROWN, Mary Lucinda  16 Mar 1863Morgan County, Kentucky I3561 Blecha/McDaniel 
    8 BROWN, William B  Abt 1859Morgan County, Kentucky I7720 Blecha/McDaniel 
    9 CARPENTER, Alex Maxey  24 Jun 1893Morgan County, Kentucky I1906 Blecha/McDaniel 
    10 CARPENTER, Alta L  22 Nov 1898Morgan County, Kentucky I1059 Blecha/McDaniel 
    11 CARPENTER, Arthur  16 Oct 1870Morgan County, Kentucky I1072 Blecha/McDaniel 
    12 CARPENTER, Arthur Bernard  29 Mar 1895Morgan County, Kentucky I1907 Blecha/McDaniel 
    13 CARPENTER, Asa Bee  31 Jan 1882Morgan County, Kentucky I394 Blecha/McDaniel 
    14 CARPENTER, Betty Jane  13 Feb 1856Morgan County, Kentucky I1055 Blecha/McDaniel 
    15 CARPENTER, Beulah Mae  4 Nov 1908Morgan County, Kentucky I396 Blecha/McDaniel 
    16 CARPENTER, Charlotte M  May 1886Morgan County, Kentucky I1959 Blecha/McDaniel 
    17 CARPENTER, Clarinda  2 Feb 1857Morgan County, Kentucky I2584 Blecha/McDaniel 
    18 CARPENTER, Clay Thomas  9 Jan 1891Morgan County, Kentucky I1033 Blecha/McDaniel 
    19 CARPENTER, Clifton Garrett  4 Jul 1923Morgan County, Kentucky I2119 Blecha/McDaniel 
    20 CARPENTER, Curtis C  10 Oct 1911Morgan County, Kentucky I2671 Blecha/McDaniel 
    21 CARPENTER, Cuthbert Franklin  5 Sep 1852Morgan County, Kentucky I361 Blecha/McDaniel 
    22 CARPENTER, Cyntha A.  25 Jun 1852Morgan County, Kentucky I2034 Blecha/McDaniel 
    23 CARPENTER, Daniel F  Apr 1884Morgan County, Kentucky I1957 Blecha/McDaniel 
    24 CARPENTER, Della R  9 Nov 1904Morgan County, Kentucky I1063 Blecha/McDaniel 
    25 CARPENTER, Dorinda  Abt 1837Morgan County, Kentucky I6006 Blecha/McDaniel 
    26 CARPENTER, Dorinda  Abt 1852Morgan County, Kentucky I1328 Blecha/McDaniel 
    27 CARPENTER, Elie  30 Mar 1901Morgan County, Kentucky I2786 Blecha/McDaniel 
    28 CARPENTER, Elizabeth  30 Mar 1845Morgan County, Kentucky I1050 Blecha/McDaniel 
    29 CARPENTER, Elwood  12 Oct 1917Morgan County, Kentucky I5591 Blecha/McDaniel 
    30 CARPENTER, Floyd  Abt Aug 1859Morgan County, Kentucky I2038 Blecha/McDaniel 
    31 CARPENTER, Floyd  Abt 1872Morgan County, Kentucky I1956 Blecha/McDaniel 
    32 CARPENTER, Fon  4 Oct 1907Morgan County, Kentucky I2954 Blecha/McDaniel 
    33 CARPENTER, Garrett (Grant)  30 Oct 1900Morgan County, Kentucky I1061 Blecha/McDaniel 
    34 CARPENTER, George Ann Dallas  10 May 1874Morgan County, Kentucky I1923 Blecha/McDaniel 
    35 CARPENTER, George Lee  8 May 1865Morgan County, Kentucky I1037 Blecha/McDaniel 
    36 CARPENTER, GeorgeAnn Dallas Carpenter  11 Nov 1848Morgan County, Kentucky I1051 Blecha/McDaniel 
    37 CARPENTER, Grover  5 Dec 1906Morgan County, Kentucky I397 Blecha/McDaniel 
    38 CARPENTER, Harry J  Abt 1855Morgan County, Kentucky I5950 Blecha/McDaniel 
    39 CARPENTER, Harvey L  2 May 1891Morgan County, Kentucky I5830 Blecha/McDaniel 
    40 CARPENTER, Hazel May "Peggy"  19 May 1918Morgan County, Kentucky I2672 Blecha/McDaniel 
    41 CARPENTER, Henry B  20 Jun 1885Morgan County, Kentucky I1085 Blecha/McDaniel 
    42 CARPENTER, Henry Paul  2 Feb 1921Morgan County, Kentucky I2110 Blecha/McDaniel 
    43 CARPENTER, Holly Mynhier  11 Mar 1863Morgan County, Kentucky I1022 Blecha/McDaniel 
    44 CARPENTER, Holly Washington  16 Jan 1881Morgan County, Kentucky I2942 Blecha/McDaniel 
    45 CARPENTER, Ida Ellen  3 Jan 1894Morgan County, Kentucky I1034 Blecha/McDaniel 
    46 CARPENTER, James B  2 Feb 1857Morgan County, Kentucky I2037 Blecha/McDaniel 
    47 CARPENTER, James Monroe  11 Dec 1888Morgan County, Kentucky I1032 Blecha/McDaniel 
    48 CARPENTER, John Mason  10 Oct 1850Morgan County, Kentucky I1021 Blecha/McDaniel 
    49 CARPENTER, John W  5 Feb 1872Morgan County, Kentucky I5836 Blecha/McDaniel 
    50 CARPENTER, Joseph Layne  30 Oct 1859Morgan County, Kentucky I1023 Blecha/McDaniel 

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    Matches 1 to 50 of 274

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
    1 BARKER, Nancy  18 Jul 1852Morgan County, Kentucky I4470 Blecha/McDaniel 
    2 BOLIN, Ada  7 Apr 1911Morgan County, Kentucky I10934 Blecha/McDaniel 
    3 BOLIN, Dorothy  9 Feb 1998Morgan County, Kentucky I416 Blecha/McDaniel 
    4 BUFFINGTON, Abdale  Before May 1847Morgan County, Kentucky I7382 Blecha/McDaniel 
    5 CANNON, Almeda  17 Aug 1998Morgan County, Kentucky I415 Blecha/McDaniel 
    6 CARPENTER, Asa Bee  26 Nov 1956Morgan County, Kentucky I394 Blecha/McDaniel 
    7 CARPENTER, Betty Jane  10 Oct 1859Morgan County, Kentucky I1055 Blecha/McDaniel 
    8 CARPENTER, Clarinda  Bef 1870Morgan County, Kentucky I2584 Blecha/McDaniel 
    9 CARPENTER, Cuthbert Franklin  24 Nov 1910Morgan County, Kentucky I361 Blecha/McDaniel 
    10 CARPENTER, Denissa (Denica)  1866Morgan County, Kentucky I2195 Blecha/McDaniel 
    11 CARPENTER, Dorinda  7 Dec 1847Morgan County, Kentucky I6006 Blecha/McDaniel 
    12 CARPENTER, Elizabeth  Abt 1850Morgan County, Kentucky I1050 Blecha/McDaniel 
    13 CARPENTER, George Ann Dallas  11 Apr 1938Morgan County, Kentucky I1923 Blecha/McDaniel 
    14 CARPENTER, GeorgeAnn Dallas Carpenter  20 May 1887Morgan County, Kentucky I1051 Blecha/McDaniel 
    15 CARPENTER, Grover  1997Morgan County, Kentucky I397 Blecha/McDaniel 
    16 CARPENTER, Harry J  Bef 1870Morgan County, Kentucky I5950 Blecha/McDaniel 
    17 CARPENTER, Hazel May "Peggy"  25 Jan 1939Morgan County, Kentucky I2672 Blecha/McDaniel 
    18 CARPENTER, Henry Paul  7 Aug 1995Morgan County, Kentucky I2110 Blecha/McDaniel 
    19 CARPENTER, Holly Mynhier  15 Feb 1939Morgan County, Kentucky I1022 Blecha/McDaniel 
    20 CARPENTER, John Breckenridge  18 Mar 1958Morgan County, Kentucky I1060 Blecha/McDaniel 
    21 CARPENTER, John Mason  22 Apr 1936Morgan County, Kentucky I1021 Blecha/McDaniel 
    22 CARPENTER, John Wallace  29 Nov 1921Morgan County, Kentucky I360 Blecha/McDaniel 
    23 CARPENTER, Joseph Layne  15 Mar 1942Morgan County, Kentucky I1023 Blecha/McDaniel 
    24 CARPENTER, Josiah  Abt 1850Morgan County, Kentucky I1024 Blecha/McDaniel 
    25 CARPENTER, Josiah  7 Apr 1900Morgan County, Kentucky I365 Blecha/McDaniel 
    26 CARPENTER, Josiah C  1976Morgan County, Kentucky I1058 Blecha/McDaniel 
    27 CARPENTER, Levi Frank  1900Morgan County, Kentucky I1069 Blecha/McDaniel 
    28 CARPENTER, Lucinda  After 1860Morgan County, Kentucky I1137 Blecha/McDaniel 
    29 CARPENTER, Mary D  30 Oct 1874Morgan County, Kentucky I2121 Blecha/McDaniel 
    30 CARPENTER, Mary T  Bef 1870Morgan County, Kentucky I2583 Blecha/McDaniel 
    31 CARPENTER, Nancy A.  12 Jun 1906Morgan County, Kentucky I1901 Blecha/McDaniel 
    32 CARPENTER, Olene  19 Mar 1979Morgan County, Kentucky I2108 Blecha/McDaniel 
    33 CARPENTER, Omer Lee  8 Oct 1919Morgan County, Kentucky I10852 Blecha/McDaniel 
    34 CARPENTER, Ova Bee  1971Morgan County, Kentucky I399 Blecha/McDaniel 
    35 CARPENTER, Rollie B  17 Sep 1970Morgan County, Kentucky I1062 Blecha/McDaniel 
    36 CARPENTER, Rollie Buford  18 Aug 2006Morgan County, Kentucky I398 Blecha/McDaniel 
    37 CARPENTER, Samuel J. Tilden  22 May 1966Morgan County, Kentucky I1029 Blecha/McDaniel 
    38 CARPENTER, Sarah Nannie  17 Mar 1899Morgan County, Kentucky I1027 Blecha/McDaniel 
    39 CARPENTER, Thomas Henry  17 Dec 1929Morgan County, Kentucky I2944 Blecha/McDaniel 
    40 CARTER, Emily Jane  26 Feb 1866Morgan County, Kentucky I815 Blecha/McDaniel 
    41 CARTER, Margaret E.  15 May 1911Morgan County, Kentucky I2605 Blecha/McDaniel 
    42 CASKEY, Hannah  4 Jan 1861Morgan County, Kentucky I2187 Blecha/McDaniel 
    43 CASKEY, Robert Franklin  13 Mar 1912Morgan County, Kentucky I7322 Blecha/McDaniel 
    44 CASKEY, Thomas  7 Mar 1853Morgan County, Kentucky I2201 Blecha/McDaniel 
    45 CASSITY, Sarah  22 Aug 1870Morgan County, Kentucky I5810 Blecha/McDaniel 
    46 CHAMBERS, Mary (Polly)  Aft 1840Morgan County, Kentucky I2359 Blecha/McDaniel 
    47 CHASTAIN, Judith  13 Apr 1874Morgan County, Kentucky I7026 Blecha/McDaniel 
    48 COFFEE, Lula A  9 Aug 1931Morgan County, Kentucky I2670 Blecha/McDaniel 
    49 COFFEE, Sarah  Before 1830Morgan County, Kentucky I4469 Blecha/McDaniel 
    50 COOK, Martha Jane  1898Morgan County, Kentucky I10019 Blecha/McDaniel 

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    Matches 1 to 1 of 1

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
    1 CARPENTER, Rollie B  Morgan County, Kentucky I1062 Blecha/McDaniel 


    Matches 1 to 50 of 89

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
    1 CARPENTER, Cuthbert Franklin  1860Morgan County, Kentucky I361 Blecha/McDaniel 
    2 CARPENTER, Cuthbert Franklin  1870Morgan County, Kentucky I361 Blecha/McDaniel 
    3 CARPENTER, Cuthbert Franklin  1880Morgan County, Kentucky I361 Blecha/McDaniel 
    4 CARPENTER, Cuthbert Franklin  1900Morgan County, Kentucky I361 Blecha/McDaniel 
    5 CARPENTER, Cuthbert Franklin  1910Morgan County, Kentucky I361 Blecha/McDaniel 
    6 CARPENTER, John Wallace  1880Morgan County, Kentucky I360 Blecha/McDaniel 
    7 CARPENTER, John Wallace  1900Morgan County, Kentucky I360 Blecha/McDaniel 
    8 CARPENTER, Josiah  1840Morgan County, Kentucky I365 Blecha/McDaniel 
    9 CARPENTER, Josiah  1850Morgan County, Kentucky I365 Blecha/McDaniel 
    10 CARPENTER, Josiah  1860Morgan County, Kentucky I365 Blecha/McDaniel 
    11 CARPENTER, Josiah  1870Morgan County, Kentucky I365 Blecha/McDaniel 
    12 CARPENTER, Josiah  1880Morgan County, Kentucky I365 Blecha/McDaniel 
    13 CARPENTER, Stella  1900Morgan County, Kentucky I5848 Blecha/McDaniel 
    14 CARPENTER, Willis Miles  1900Morgan County, Kentucky I1924 Blecha/McDaniel 
    15 CASKEY, Hannah  1840Morgan County, Kentucky I2187 Blecha/McDaniel 
    16 CASKEY, Hannah  1850Morgan County, Kentucky I2187 Blecha/McDaniel 
    17 CASKEY, Hannah  1860Morgan County, Kentucky I2187 Blecha/McDaniel 
    18 COX, Elizabeth  1850Morgan County, Kentucky I284 Blecha/McDaniel 
    19 COX, Elizabeth  1860Morgan County, Kentucky I284 Blecha/McDaniel 
    20 COX, Elizabeth  1870Morgan County, Kentucky I284 Blecha/McDaniel 
    21 COX, Elizabeth  1900Morgan County, Kentucky I284 Blecha/McDaniel 
    22 HASTY, Elizabeth Ann "Linnie" H  1900Morgan County, Kentucky I2798 Blecha/McDaniel 
    23 HOPKINS, Hannah  1850Morgan County, Kentucky I1154 Blecha/McDaniel 
    24 KEETON, Sarah  1850Morgan County, Kentucky I2400 Blecha/McDaniel 
    25 LEWIS, Thomas  1800Morgan County, Kentucky I1153 Blecha/McDaniel 
    26 LEWIS, Thomas  1810Morgan County, Kentucky I1153 Blecha/McDaniel 
    27 LEWIS, Thomas  1820Morgan County, Kentucky I1153 Blecha/McDaniel 
    28 LEWIS, Thomas  1830Morgan County, Kentucky I1153 Blecha/McDaniel 
    29 LEWIS, Thomas  1840Morgan County, Kentucky I1153 Blecha/McDaniel 
    30 LOCKHART, Annie R  1900Morgan County, Kentucky I2829 Blecha/McDaniel 
    31 LOCKHART, Dewitt  1900Morgan County, Kentucky I2827 Blecha/McDaniel 
    32 LOCKHART, George Y  1900Morgan County, Kentucky I1039 Blecha/McDaniel 
    33 LOCKHART, Laura E  1900Morgan County, Kentucky I289 Blecha/McDaniel 
    34 LOCKHART, Milton P  1900Morgan County, Kentucky I2828 Blecha/McDaniel 
    35 MCGUIRE, Cynthina Ann  1850Morgan County, Kentucky I2196 Blecha/McDaniel 
    36 MCGUIRE, George W  1850Morgan County, Kentucky I5235 Blecha/McDaniel 
    37 MCGUIRE, James  1840Morgan County, Kentucky I1017 Blecha/McDaniel 
    38 MCGUIRE, James  1850Morgan County, Kentucky I1017 Blecha/McDaniel 
    39 MCGUIRE, James  1860Morgan County, Kentucky I1017 Blecha/McDaniel 
    40 MCGUIRE, James Harvey  1850Morgan County, Kentucky I5234 Blecha/McDaniel 
    41 MCGUIRE, Jilson P  1850Morgan County, Kentucky I2401 Blecha/McDaniel 
    42 MCGUIRE, John  1830Morgan County, Kentucky I7363 Blecha/McDaniel 
    43 MCGUIRE, Melissa  1850Morgan County, Kentucky I5236 Blecha/McDaniel 
    44 MCGUIRE, Rebecca Jane  1850Morgan County, Kentucky I2353 Blecha/McDaniel 
    45 MCGUIRE, Samuel C  1850Morgan County, Kentucky I1006 Blecha/McDaniel 
    46 MCGUIRE, Samuel C  1860Morgan County, Kentucky I1006 Blecha/McDaniel 
    47 MCGUIRE, Thomas Hopkins  1850Morgan County, Kentucky I2198 Blecha/McDaniel 
    48 MCGUIRE, Thomas Hopkins  1860Morgan County, Kentucky I2198 Blecha/McDaniel 
    49 MCGUIRE, William  1850Morgan County, Kentucky I5237 Blecha/McDaniel 
    50 NICKELL, Andrew Campbell  1860Morgan County, Kentucky I2652 Blecha/McDaniel 

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    Matches 1 to 1 of 1

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID   Tree 
    1 PIERATT, James Thomas Rev.  21 Oct 1861Morgan County, Kentucky I2602 Blecha/McDaniel 

    Military Service

    Matches 1 to 3 of 3

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID   Tree 
    1 MCGUIRE, John  4 Jan 1834Morgan County, Kentucky I2389 Blecha/McDaniel 
    2 PIERATT, John Smith "Long John"  2 Oct 1861Morgan County, Kentucky I287 Blecha/McDaniel 
    3 PIERATT, Thomas J  1 Jul 1863Morgan County, Kentucky I108 Blecha/McDaniel 


    Matches 1 to 10 of 10

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other    Person ID   Tree 
    1 CARPENTER, Josiah  13 Oct 1883Morgan County, Kentucky I365 Blecha/McDaniel 
    2 CARPENTER, Josiah  30 Oct 1883Morgan County, Kentucky I365 Blecha/McDaniel 
    3 MCGUIRE, James  1824Morgan County, Kentucky I4468 Blecha/McDaniel 
    4 MCGUIRE, James  1827Morgan County, Kentucky I1017 Blecha/McDaniel 
    5 MCGUIRE, Leander Cox  26 Nov 1942Morgan County, Kentucky I9275 Blecha/McDaniel 
    6 NICKELL, Isaac Wilson  1827Morgan County, Kentucky I1025 Blecha/McDaniel 
    7 OAKLEY, John S.  1831Morgan County, Kentucky I801 Blecha/McDaniel 
    8 PIERATT, John Morris  1827Morgan County, Kentucky I97 Blecha/McDaniel 
    9 PIERATT, Thomas J  9 Sep 1848Morgan County, Kentucky I108 Blecha/McDaniel 
    10 PIERATT, Thomas J  20 Sep 1877Morgan County, Kentucky I108 Blecha/McDaniel 


    Matches 1 to 5 of 5

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
    1 CARPENTER, Cuthbert Franklin  17 Aug 1883Morgan County, Kentucky I361 Blecha/McDaniel 
    2 CARPENTER, Cuthbert Franklin  30 Oct 1883Morgan County, Kentucky I361 Blecha/McDaniel 
    3 CARPENTER, John Mason  13 Oct 1883Morgan County, Kentucky I1021 Blecha/McDaniel 
    4 MCGUIRE, Andrew Thomas  17 Aug 1883Morgan County, Kentucky I1016 Blecha/McDaniel 
    5 PIERATT, John Smith "Long John"  14 Mar 1891Morgan County, Kentucky I287 Blecha/McDaniel 


    Matches 1 to 50 of 222

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       Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
    1 / Carpenter  15 Mar 1876Morgan County, Kentucky F931 Blecha/McDaniel 
    2 Abbott / COX  28 May 1928Morgan County, Kentucky F1191 Blecha/McDaniel 
    3 Adams / Mcguire  21 Dec 1899Morgan County, Kentucky F2025 Blecha/McDaniel 
    4 AMYX / OAKLEY  22 Apr 1861Morgan County, Kentucky F426 Blecha/McDaniel 
    5 BARKER / VEST  1 Oct 1887Morgan County, Kentucky F821 Blecha/McDaniel 
    6 BAYS / Maxey  19 Apr 1893Morgan County, Kentucky F293 Blecha/McDaniel 
    7 BEELER / Carpenter  15 Sep 1844Morgan County, Kentucky F598 Blecha/McDaniel 
    8 BLAIR / CASKEY  17 May 1827Morgan County, Kentucky F769 Blecha/McDaniel 
    9 Buffington / McGUIRE  24 Jun 1830Morgan County, Kentucky F2579 Blecha/McDaniel 
    10 Byrd / PERRY  3 Jan 1878Morgan County, Kentucky F801 Blecha/McDaniel 
    11 Carpenter / BARKER  28 Jun 1924Morgan County, Kentucky F751 Blecha/McDaniel 
    12 Carpenter / Carpenter  28 Jan 1846Morgan County, Kentucky F391 Blecha/McDaniel 
    13 Carpenter / CECIL  12 Nov 1904Morgan County, Kentucky F682 Blecha/McDaniel 
    14 Carpenter / Cecil  15 Feb 1905Morgan County, Kentucky F373 Blecha/McDaniel 
    15 Carpenter / Christian  15 Dec 1872Morgan County, Kentucky F363 Blecha/McDaniel 
    16 Carpenter / Coffee  5 Apr 1911Morgan County, Kentucky F889 Blecha/McDaniel 
    17 Carpenter / Cottle  18 Mar 1879Morgan County, Kentucky F365 Blecha/McDaniel 
    18 Carpenter / Cox  2 Nov 1882Morgan County, Kentucky F366 Blecha/McDaniel 
    19 Carpenter / DAVIS  10 Aug 1903Morgan County, Kentucky F862 Blecha/McDaniel 
    20 Carpenter / DILLON  20 Apr 1898Morgan County, Kentucky F924 Blecha/McDaniel 
    21 Carpenter / Easterling  8 Oct 1882Morgan County, Kentucky F367 Blecha/McDaniel 
    22 Carpenter / FERGUSON  4 Dec 1889Morgan County, Kentucky F915 Blecha/McDaniel 
    23 Carpenter / Goodpaster  7 Jun 1863Morgan County, Kentucky F355 Blecha/McDaniel 
    24 Carpenter / HASTY  28 Nov 1898Morgan County, Kentucky F923 Blecha/McDaniel 
    25 Carpenter / LEWIS  31 Aug 1882Morgan County, Kentucky F921 Blecha/McDaniel 
    26 Carpenter / MARTIN  24 Feb 1859Morgan County, Kentucky F922 Blecha/McDaniel 
    27 Carpenter / McCLURE  20 Aug 1902Morgan County, Kentucky F686 Blecha/McDaniel 
    28 Carpenter / McCLURE  8 Feb 1911Morgan County, Kentucky F685 Blecha/McDaniel 
    29 Carpenter / Mcguire  25 Dec 1873Morgan County, Kentucky F130 Blecha/McDaniel 
    30 Carpenter / Mcguire  27 Oct 1885Morgan County, Kentucky F369 Blecha/McDaniel 
    31 Carpenter / McKinney  21 Apr 1875Morgan County, Kentucky F364 Blecha/McDaniel 
    32 Carpenter / MULLINS  24 Sep 1868Morgan County, Kentucky F917 Blecha/McDaniel 
    33 Carpenter / OAKLEY  7 Jan 1841Morgan County, Kentucky F255 Blecha/McDaniel 
    34 Carpenter / OAKLEY  16 Mar 1854Morgan County, Kentucky F663 Blecha/McDaniel 
    35 Carpenter / Oldfield  10 Jan 1884Morgan County, Kentucky F2050 Blecha/McDaniel 
    36 Carpenter / Pieratt  22 Mar 1899Morgan County, Kentucky F115 Blecha/McDaniel 
    37 Carpenter / Pieratt  8 Jun 1904Morgan County, Kentucky F116 Blecha/McDaniel 
    38 Carpenter / SHEETS  27 Jan 1915Morgan County, Kentucky F687 Blecha/McDaniel 
    39 Carpenter / UTTERBACK  25 Oct 1877Morgan County, Kentucky F916 Blecha/McDaniel 
    40 CASKEY / DYER  1 Jan 1823Morgan County, Kentucky F764 Blecha/McDaniel 
    41 CASKEY / ELLIOTT  23 Sep 1843Morgan County, Kentucky F771 Blecha/McDaniel 
    42 CASKEY / GILLMORE  12 Oct 1836Morgan County, Kentucky F773 Blecha/McDaniel 
    43 CASKEY / WAGNER  1 Jan 1832Morgan County, Kentucky F772 Blecha/McDaniel 
    44 Cassity / LEWIS  26 Jan 1852Morgan County, Kentucky F406 Blecha/McDaniel 
    45 COCKERILL / Maxey  16 Oct 1855Morgan County, Kentucky F289 Blecha/McDaniel 
    46 Cottle / Carpenter  12 Jun 1897Morgan County, Kentucky F2058 Blecha/McDaniel 
    47 COTTLE / LEWIS  30 Aug 1830Morgan County, Kentucky F413 Blecha/McDaniel 
    48 COTTLE / Maxey  28 Sep 1893Morgan County, Kentucky F294 Blecha/McDaniel 
    49 COTTLE / Nickell  12 Sep 1896Morgan County, Kentucky F2057 Blecha/McDaniel 
    50 COX / COX  25 Feb 1922Morgan County, Kentucky F1190 Blecha/McDaniel 

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