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    Gibson County, Tennessee


    Tree: Blecha/McDaniel

    Latitude: 35.9969735, Longitude: -88.8646980


    Matches 1 to 50 of 110

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
    1 BRADBERRY, Mary Elizabeth  3 Jul 1874Gibson County, Tennessee I11606 Blecha/McDaniel 
    2 CROCKER, Dock Pertular  12 Feb 1873Gibson County, Tennessee I12979 Blecha/McDaniel 
    3 DAVIDSON, Vesta  19 Feb 1896Gibson County, Tennessee I10060 Blecha/McDaniel 
    4 DAVIS, Elijah Monroe  Abt 1873Gibson County, Tennessee I343034 Blecha/McDaniel 
    5 DAVIS, Lydia Jane  Abt 1876Gibson County, Tennessee I343035 Blecha/McDaniel 
    6 DAVIS, Mattie  Abt 1877Gibson County, Tennessee I343036 Blecha/McDaniel 
    7 FLOWERS, Amanda  4 Sept 1842Gibson County, Tennessee I8384 Blecha/McDaniel 
    8 FLOWERS, Edney  Abt 1844Gibson County, Tennessee I8385 Blecha/McDaniel 
    9 FLOWERS, Mary  Abt 1845Gibson County, Tennessee I8387 Blecha/McDaniel 
    10 FLOWERS, Rachel  Abt 1845Gibson County, Tennessee I8386 Blecha/McDaniel 
    11 FLOWERS, William  Abt 1850Gibson County, Tennessee I8388 Blecha/McDaniel 
    12 GLISSON, Eliza B  9 Sep 1858Gibson County, Tennessee I10792 Blecha/McDaniel 
    13 GRADDY, Catherine Eveline  28 Jan 1826Gibson County, Tennessee I8382 Blecha/McDaniel 
    14 GRIFFIN, James Floyd  15 Jan 1894Gibson County, Tennessee I10063 Blecha/McDaniel 
    15 HENDERSON, Marge "Nell"  30 Jan 1936Gibson County, Tennessee I57 Blecha/McDaniel 
    16 HOLMES, Mary Dabney  18 Oct 1920Gibson County, Tennessee I2235 Blecha/McDaniel 
    17 JONES, Addie Lee  21 Jun 1889Gibson County, Tennessee I8 Blecha/McDaniel 
    18 JONES, Algie  26 Feb 1899Gibson County, Tennessee I1139 Blecha/McDaniel 
    19 JONES, Clemmy  Abt 1861Gibson County, Tennessee I8423 Blecha/McDaniel 
    20 JONES, Essie B  Jul 1880Gibson County, Tennessee I8425 Blecha/McDaniel 
    21 JONES, Fannie B  11 Feb 1880Gibson County, Tennessee I2320 Blecha/McDaniel 
    22 JONES, Francis B  Dec 1883Gibson County, Tennessee I8426 Blecha/McDaniel 
    23 JONES, Georgianna  Dec 1888Gibson County, Tennessee I8428 Blecha/McDaniel 
    24 JONES, Herbert  Jun 1896Gibson County, Tennessee I8430 Blecha/McDaniel 
    25 JONES, Mary  Abt 1854Gibson County, Tennessee I8422 Blecha/McDaniel 
    26 JONES, Rachel Lucretia  Dec 1853Gibson County, Tennessee I8421 Blecha/McDaniel 
    27 JONES, Sam E  Aug 1891Gibson County, Tennessee I8429 Blecha/McDaniel 
    28 JONES, Stephen W  Jun 1885Gibson County, Tennessee I8427 Blecha/McDaniel 
    29 KEATHLEY, Dennis Jefferson  Abt 1872Gibson County, Tennessee I11605 Blecha/McDaniel 
    30 KEATHLEY, Marshall B  7 Feb 1830Gibson County, Tennessee I11603 Blecha/McDaniel 
    31 MCCOLLUM, Edward Lee  1 May 1904Gibson County, Tennessee I1376 Blecha/McDaniel 
    32 MCDANIEL, Alma  1906Gibson County, Tennessee I10108 Blecha/McDaniel 
    33 MCDANIEL, Anna  Abt 1867Gibson County, Tennessee I5497 Blecha/McDaniel 
    34 MCDANIEL, Beulah  6 Feb 1900Gibson County, Tennessee I10051 Blecha/McDaniel 
    35 MCDANIEL, Calla May  May1878Gibson County, Tennessee I5501 Blecha/McDaniel 
    36 MCDANIEL, Carolyn Beatrice  25 Aug 1937Gibson County, Tennessee I10128 Blecha/McDaniel 
    37 MCDANIEL, Clarence Dudley  25 Oct 1903Gibson County, Tennessee I10114 Blecha/McDaniel 
    38 MCDANIEL, Cosmo W  Jan 1882Gibson County, Tennessee I5503 Blecha/McDaniel 
    39 MCDANIEL, Ferris G  26 Jun 1918Gibson County, Tennessee I5571 Blecha/McDaniel 
    40 MCDANIEL, Georgia T  Abt 1910Gibson County, Tennessee I10110 Blecha/McDaniel 
    41 MCDANIEL, Infant  23 Aug 1939Gibson County, Tennessee I10129 Blecha/McDaniel 
    42 MCDANIEL, James Walter  28 Oct 1913Gibson County, Tennessee I10118 Blecha/McDaniel 
    43 MCDANIEL, James William  29 Apr 1849Gibson County, Tennessee I5490 Blecha/McDaniel 
    44 MCDANIEL, James William  18 Mar 1874Gibson County, Tennessee I5500 Blecha/McDaniel 
    45 MCDANIEL, Joe  30 May 1908Gibson County, Tennessee I5561 Blecha/McDaniel 
    46 MCDANIEL, John  Abt 1925Gibson County, Tennessee I10123 Blecha/McDaniel 
    47 MCDANIEL, John Oswell  2 Nov 1901Gibson County, Tennessee I3087 Blecha/McDaniel 
    48 MCDANIEL, John Theron  29 May 1886Gibson County, Tennessee I5504 Blecha/McDaniel 
    49 MCDANIEL, Lalla  1906Gibson County, Tennessee I5560 Blecha/McDaniel 
    50 MCDANIEL, Lula Estelle  12 Sep 1908Gibson County, Tennessee I10116 Blecha/McDaniel 

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    Matches 1 to 50 of 103

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
    1 ABBOTT, Cora  14 Feb 1937Gibson County, Tennessee I3086 Blecha/McDaniel 
    2 ARMSTRONG, Lillie Newbill  1967Gibson County, Tennessee I5623 Blecha/McDaniel 
    3 BAKER, Mary Jane  24 May 1923Gibson County, Tennessee I8211 Blecha/McDaniel 
    4 BRANCH, Clara Ann  13 Aug 1854Gibson County, Tennessee I1720 Blecha/McDaniel 
    5 BRANCH, Clarky  15 Jun 1862Gibson County, Tennessee I1871 Blecha/McDaniel 
    6 CANADA, George Reed  30 Jan 1979Gibson County, Tennessee I10052 Blecha/McDaniel 
    7 CROCKER, Dock Pertular  13 Dec 1953Gibson County, Tennessee I12979 Blecha/McDaniel 
    8 CULP, Catherine  28 Aug 1899Gibson County, Tennessee I1372 Blecha/McDaniel 
    9 CURRIE, Frances "Fannie" R.  22 Jan 1918Gibson County, Tennessee I7 Blecha/McDaniel 
    10 DAVIDSON, Algie Lee  9 Sep 1936Gibson County, Tennessee I10059 Blecha/McDaniel 
    11 DAVIS, Frances "Fannie" E.  3 May 1927Gibson County, Tennessee I2256 Blecha/McDaniel 
    12 DAVIS, John Needham  24 Apr 1950Gibson County, Tennessee I2317 Blecha/McDaniel 
    13 DODSON MOORE, Lou Della  5 Nov 1950Gibson County, Tennessee I11478 Blecha/McDaniel 
    14 DOUGHLASS, Susie J  18 Mar 1938Gibson County, Tennessee I1356 Blecha/McDaniel 
    15 ELKINS, Eva Lee  15 May 1971Gibson County, Tennessee I5459 Blecha/McDaniel 
    16 FLOWERS, Thomas  After 1850Gibson County, Tennessee I8383 Blecha/McDaniel 
    17 FORTUNE, Emily L.  Aft 1900Gibson County, Tennessee I1345 Blecha/McDaniel 
    18 GLISSON, Barbara  6 Aug 1883Gibson County, Tennessee I8420 Blecha/McDaniel 
    19 GORDON, Elizabeth E.  1872Gibson County, Tennessee I2262 Blecha/McDaniel 
    20 GRADDY, Catherine Eveline  8 Oct 1859Gibson County, Tennessee I8382 Blecha/McDaniel 
    21 GRIFFIN, James Floyd  4 Dec 1963Gibson County, Tennessee I10063 Blecha/McDaniel 
    22 JOHNSON, Emma  Abt Feb 1880Gibson County, Tennessee I2023 Blecha/McDaniel 
    23 JOHNSTON, Mary Caroline  1924Gibson County, Tennessee I5494 Blecha/McDaniel 
    24 JONES, Elijah  1900-1904Gibson County, Tennessee I90 Blecha/McDaniel 
    25 JONES, Fannie B  11 Feb 1926Gibson County, Tennessee I2320 Blecha/McDaniel 
    26 JONES, John A  Before 1860Gibson County, Tennessee I1490 Blecha/McDaniel 
    27 JONES, Mary  After 1860Gibson County, Tennessee I343041 Blecha/McDaniel 
    28 JONES, Rachel Lucretia  1905Gibson County, Tennessee I8421 Blecha/McDaniel 
    29 JONES, Stephen  8 Jan 1887Gibson County, Tennessee I343040 Blecha/McDaniel 
    30 JONES, William Marion  13 May 1925Gibson County, Tennessee I8424 Blecha/McDaniel 
    31 KEATHLEY, Anna  21 Nov 1858Gibson County, Tennessee I1731 Blecha/McDaniel 
    32 KEATHLEY, Charity  13 Jul 1887Gibson County, Tennessee I2263 Blecha/McDaniel 
    33 KEATHLEY, Jonathan  1860Gibson County, Tennessee I9220 Blecha/McDaniel 
    34 KING, Eunice  25 Jan 1981Gibson County, Tennessee I5506 Blecha/McDaniel 
    35 MATHEWS, John  After 1870Gibson County, Tennessee I1002 Blecha/McDaniel 
    36 MATHEWS, Nancy  1900-1904Gibson County, Tennessee I91 Blecha/McDaniel 
    37 MCADAMS, Bess  1961Gibson County, Tennessee I5563 Blecha/McDaniel 
    38 MCDANIEL, Alfred Louis  Oct 1967Gibson County, Tennessee I1894 Blecha/McDaniel 
    39 MCDANIEL, Beulah  11 Nov 2005Gibson County, Tennessee I10051 Blecha/McDaniel 
    40 MCDANIEL, Ferris G  2 Mar 1981Gibson County, Tennessee I5571 Blecha/McDaniel 
    41 MCDANIEL, Francis "Frank" Elbert  1962Gibson County, Tennessee I1369 Blecha/McDaniel 
    42 MCDANIEL, Francis Luke "Frank"  Aft 1900Gibson County, Tennessee I83 Blecha/McDaniel 
    43 MCDANIEL, George Edward  23 May 1912Gibson County, Tennessee I1 Blecha/McDaniel 
    44 MCDANIEL, Infant  23 Aug 1939Gibson County, Tennessee I10129 Blecha/McDaniel 
    45 MCDANIEL, James William  17 Jun 1944Gibson County, Tennessee I5500 Blecha/McDaniel 
    46 MCDANIEL, John Milton  8 Nov 1912Gibson County, Tennessee I5482 Blecha/McDaniel 
    47 MCDANIEL, John Oswell  29 Oct 1918Gibson County, Tennessee I3087 Blecha/McDaniel 
    48 MCDANIEL, John Theron  26 Mar 1960Gibson County, Tennessee I5504 Blecha/McDaniel 
    49 MCDANIEL, Lalla  22 Aug 1930Gibson County, Tennessee I5560 Blecha/McDaniel 
    50 MCDANIEL, Lura Maxine "Louise"  21 Jul 1917Gibson County, Tennessee I68 Blecha/McDaniel 

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    Matches 1 to 50 of 117

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
    1 ABBOTT, Cora  1880Gibson County, Tennessee I3086 Blecha/McDaniel 
    2 ABBOTT, Cora  1900Gibson County, Tennessee I3086 Blecha/McDaniel 
    3 ABBOTT, Cora  1910Gibson County, Tennessee I3086 Blecha/McDaniel 
    4 ABBOTT, Cora  1920Gibson County, Tennessee I3086 Blecha/McDaniel 
    5 ABBOTT, Cora  1930Gibson County, Tennessee I3086 Blecha/McDaniel 
    6 BAKER, Mary Jane  1880Gibson County, Tennessee I8211 Blecha/McDaniel 
    7 BAKER, Mary Jane  1900Gibson County, Tennessee I8211 Blecha/McDaniel 
    8 BRANCH, Clara Ann  1850Gibson County, Tennessee I1720 Blecha/McDaniel 
    9 FLOWERS, Amanda  1850Gibson County, Tennessee I8384 Blecha/McDaniel 
    10 FLOWERS, Edney  1850Gibson County, Tennessee I8385 Blecha/McDaniel 
    11 FLOWERS, Mary  1850Gibson County, Tennessee I8387 Blecha/McDaniel 
    12 FLOWERS, Rachel  1850Gibson County, Tennessee I8386 Blecha/McDaniel 
    13 FLOWERS, Thomas  1850Gibson County, Tennessee I8383 Blecha/McDaniel 
    14 FLOWERS, William  1850Gibson County, Tennessee I8388 Blecha/McDaniel 
    15 GLISSON, Barbara  1860Gibson County, Tennessee I8420 Blecha/McDaniel 
    16 GLISSON, Barbara  1870Gibson County, Tennessee I8420 Blecha/McDaniel 
    17 GLISSON, Barbara  1880Gibson County, Tennessee I8420 Blecha/McDaniel 
    18 GRADDY, Catherine Eveline  1850Gibson County, Tennessee I8382 Blecha/McDaniel 
    19 GRISHAM, Cora Lavern  1940Gibson County, Tennessee I8296 Blecha/McDaniel 
    20 HALL, Elias Sinclair  1850Gibson County, Tennessee I8460 Blecha/McDaniel 
    21 HALL, John Bunyan  1850Gibson County, Tennessee I8457 Blecha/McDaniel 
    22 HALL, Margaret  1850Gibson County, Tennessee I8464 Blecha/McDaniel 
    23 HALL, Nancy  1850Gibson County, Tennessee I8458 Blecha/McDaniel 
    24 HALL, Penkeny  1850Gibson County, Tennessee I8459 Blecha/McDaniel 
    25 HALL, Sidney  1850Gibson County, Tennessee I8462 Blecha/McDaniel 
    26 HALL, Simpson  1850Gibson County, Tennessee I8461 Blecha/McDaniel 
    27 HALL, Stephen  1850Gibson County, Tennessee I8463 Blecha/McDaniel 
    28 HENDERSON, Marge "Nell"  1940Gibson County, Tennessee I57 Blecha/McDaniel 
    29 HENDERSON, Orvie Lee  1940Gibson County, Tennessee I55 Blecha/McDaniel 
    30 JONES, Addie Lee  1900Gibson County, Tennessee I8 Blecha/McDaniel 
    31 JONES, Catherine Minerva  1850Gibson County, Tennessee I8456 Blecha/McDaniel 
    32 JONES, Clemmy  1870Gibson County, Tennessee I8423 Blecha/McDaniel 
    33 JONES, Clemmy  1880Gibson County, Tennessee I8423 Blecha/McDaniel 
    34 JONES, Elijah  1850Gibson County, Tennessee I90 Blecha/McDaniel 
    35 JONES, Elijah  1880Gibson County, Tennessee I90 Blecha/McDaniel 
    36 JONES, Elijah  1900Gibson County, Tennessee I90 Blecha/McDaniel 
    37 JONES, Essie B  1900Gibson County, Tennessee I8425 Blecha/McDaniel 
    38 JONES, Francis B  1900Gibson County, Tennessee I8426 Blecha/McDaniel 
    39 JONES, Francis Benton  1850Gibson County, Tennessee I1493 Blecha/McDaniel 
    40 JONES, Francis Benton  1860Gibson County, Tennessee I1493 Blecha/McDaniel 
    41 JONES, Georgianna  1900Gibson County, Tennessee I8428 Blecha/McDaniel 
    42 JONES, Herbert  1900Gibson County, Tennessee I8430 Blecha/McDaniel 
    43 JONES, John A  1850Gibson County, Tennessee I1490 Blecha/McDaniel 
    44 JONES, John Frances  1880Gibson County, Tennessee I86 Blecha/McDaniel 
    45 JONES, John Frances  1900Gibson County, Tennessee I86 Blecha/McDaniel 
    46 JONES, John Frances  1910Gibson County, Tennessee I86 Blecha/McDaniel 
    47 JONES, Mary  1850Gibson County, Tennessee I343041 Blecha/McDaniel 
    48 JONES, Mary  1860Gibson County, Tennessee I8422 Blecha/McDaniel 
    49 JONES, Mary  1870Gibson County, Tennessee I8422 Blecha/McDaniel 
    50 JONES, Rachel Lucretia  1860Gibson County, Tennessee I8421 Blecha/McDaniel 

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    Matches 1 to 1 of 1

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID   Tree 
    1 MCDANIEL, William Clyde  5 Jun 1917Gibson County, Tennessee I1357 Blecha/McDaniel 


    Matches 1 to 16 of 16

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
    1 DAVIS, John Needham  1900Gibson County, Tennessee I2317 Blecha/McDaniel 
    2 DAVIS, Sinda Emma "Sendey"  9 Jan 1904Gibson County, Tennessee I1138 Blecha/McDaniel 
    3 GROOMS, Charles R.  1900Gibson County, Tennessee I2283 Blecha/McDaniel 
    4 JONES, Addie Lee  5 Jun 1913Gibson County, Tennessee I8 Blecha/McDaniel 
    5 JONES, Fannie B  5 Jun 1913Gibson County, Tennessee I2320 Blecha/McDaniel 
    6 JONES, John Frances  6 Oct 1900Gibson County, Tennessee I86 Blecha/McDaniel 
    7 JONES, John Frances  4 Jan 1904Gibson County, Tennessee I86 Blecha/McDaniel 
    8 JONES, Steven H.  9 Jan 1904Gibson County, Tennessee I1491 Blecha/McDaniel 
    9 MATHEWS, Catherine (Cartha) (Cassandra)  1900Gibson County, Tennessee I1735 Blecha/McDaniel 
    10 MATHEWS, Catherine (Cartha) (Cassandra)  5 Jun 1913Gibson County, Tennessee I1735 Blecha/McDaniel 
    11 MCDANIEL, Charles "Charlie" Moore  5 Jun 1913Gibson County, Tennessee I6 Blecha/McDaniel 
    12 MCDANIEL, Charles "Charlie" Moore  30 Oct 1915Gibson County, Tennessee I6 Blecha/McDaniel 
    13 MCDANIEL, Mary Elizabeth (Betty)  9 Jan 1904Gibson County, Tennessee I1344 Blecha/McDaniel 
    14 MCDANIEL, Mary Elizabeth (Betty)  5 Jun 1913Gibson County, Tennessee I1344 Blecha/McDaniel 
    15 NEEDHAM, William Henry  5 Jun 1913Gibson County, Tennessee I3088 Blecha/McDaniel 
    16 WHITE, Josie  1900Gibson County, Tennessee I343039 Blecha/McDaniel 


    Matches 1 to 50 of 62

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       Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
    1 Abbott / Baker  16 Aug 1847Gibson County, Tennessee F2827 Blecha/McDaniel 
    2 BELL / O'DANIEL  19 Jun 1883Gibson County, Tennessee F733 Blecha/McDaniel 
    3 BOTTOM / O'DANIEL  21 Dec 1854Gibson County, Tennessee F720 Blecha/McDaniel 
    4 BOTTOMS / O'DANIEL  1860Gibson County, Tennessee F722 Blecha/McDaniel 
    5 Crocker / MCDANIEL  29 Aug 1900Gibson County, Tennessee F4568 Blecha/McDaniel 
    6 Davidson / MCDANIEL  3 Feb 1895Gibson County, Tennessee F3440 Blecha/McDaniel 
    7 DAVIS / Newell  5 Jul 1865Gibson County, Tennessee F735 Blecha/McDaniel 
    8 DAVIS / White  15 Nov 1893Gibson County, Tennessee F125453 Blecha/McDaniel 
    9 Doyle / NEEDHAM  7 Sep 1929Gibson County, Tennessee F2010 Blecha/McDaniel 
    10 Dudley / DAVIS  15 May 1897Gibson County, Tennessee F125452 Blecha/McDaniel 
    11 Flowers / Graddy  30 Nov 1841Gibson County, Tennessee F2873 Blecha/McDaniel 
    12 FLOWERS / Keathley  15 Jun 1843Gibson County, Tennessee F2002 Blecha/McDaniel 
    13 FLOWERS / Keathley  1846Gibson County, Tennessee F726 Blecha/McDaniel 
    14 Flowers / O'DANIEL  1 Sep 1885Gibson County, Tennessee F1946 Blecha/McDaniel 
    15 Glisson / O'DANIEL  7 Nov 1883Gibson County, Tennessee F1945 Blecha/McDaniel 
    16 Griffin / MCDANIEL  22 Feb 1919Gibson County, Tennessee F3443 Blecha/McDaniel 
    17 GROOMS / MATHEWS  4 Jan 1873Gibson County, Tennessee F728 Blecha/McDaniel 
    18 JONES / DAVIS  29 Dec 1897Gibson County, Tennessee F392 Blecha/McDaniel 
    19 JONES / Glisson  6 Feb 1852Gibson County, Tennessee F125454 Blecha/McDaniel 
    20 JONES / Johnson  10 Dec 1877Gibson County, Tennessee F736 Blecha/McDaniel 
    21 Jones / JONES  30 Jan 1873Gibson County, Tennessee F2884 Blecha/McDaniel 
    22 JONES / MATHEWS  1 Jan 1855Gibson County, Tennessee F27 Blecha/McDaniel 
    23 JONES / McDANIEL  29 Jan 1884Gibson County, Tennessee F25 Blecha/McDaniel 
    24 Keathley / Bradberry  13 Nov 1892Gibson County, Tennessee F4039 Blecha/McDaniel 
    25 KEATHLEY / O'DANIEL  26 Dec 1858Gibson County, Tennessee F723 Blecha/McDaniel 
    26 Keathley / Owens  23 Dec 1925Gibson County, Tennessee F4040 Blecha/McDaniel 
    27 Keathley / Wilson  25 Nov 1854Gibson County, Tennessee F4038 Blecha/McDaniel 
    28 Kinsey / McDaniel  27 May 1851Gibson County, Tennessee F4560 Blecha/McDaniel 
    29 MCDANIEL / Abbott  3 Feb 1904Gibson County, Tennessee F1027 Blecha/McDaniel 
    30 MCDANIEL / Barnett  1937Gibson County, Tennessee F3456 Blecha/McDaniel 
    31 McDaniel / Dickson  24 Mar 1902Gibson County, Tennessee F3431 Blecha/McDaniel 
    32 MCDANIEL / Elkins  1901Gibson County, Tennessee F1950 Blecha/McDaniel 
    33 MCDANIEL / Hays  1897Gibson County, Tennessee F1984 Blecha/McDaniel 
    34 MCDANIEL / HOLMES  16 Oct 1941Gibson County, Tennessee F716 Blecha/McDaniel 
    35 McDaniel / Johnston  23 Jun 1864Gibson County, Tennessee F1957 Blecha/McDaniel 
    36 MCDANIEL / JONES  3 Dec 1905Gibson County, Tennessee F4 Blecha/McDaniel 
    37 MCDANIEL / Knox  4 Nov 1902Gibson County, Tennessee F3461 Blecha/McDaniel 
    38 MCDANIEL / Norman  8 Aug 1916Gibson County, Tennessee F519 Blecha/McDaniel 
    39 MCDANIEL / Taylor  1936Gibson County, Tennessee F3463 Blecha/McDaniel 
    40 MCDANIEL / WEBB  18 Dec 1916Gibson County, Tennessee F594 Blecha/McDaniel 
    41 MCDANIEL / Wright  Abt 1827Gibson County, Tennessee F1956 Blecha/McDaniel 
    42 McDaniel / Yandell  1899Gibson County, Tennessee F3432 Blecha/McDaniel 
    43 McKennie / Holmes  3 Dec 1872Gibson County, Tennessee F3481 Blecha/McDaniel 
    44 NEEDHAM / Dodson Moore  26 Jun 1927Gibson County, Tennessee F3974 Blecha/McDaniel 
    45 Needham / Glisson  8 Dec 1875Gibson County, Tennessee F3714 Blecha/McDaniel 
    46 NEEDHAM / JONES  23 Oct 1897Gibson County, Tennessee F1028 Blecha/McDaniel 
    47 NEEDHAM / Moore  7 Aug 1921Gibson County, Tennessee F2009 Blecha/McDaniel 
    48 O'DANIEL / Armstrong  1919Gibson County, Tennessee F2004 Blecha/McDaniel 
    49 O'DANIEL / DAVIS  28 Dec 1858Gibson County, Tennessee F719 Blecha/McDaniel 
    50 O'DANIEL / GORDON  1863Gibson County, Tennessee F724 Blecha/McDaniel 

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