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  • Virginia


    Tree: Blecha/McDaniel

    Latitude: 37.4315734, Longitude: -78.6568942


    Matches 1 to 43 of 43

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 Mary E  Dec 1846Virginia I10921
    2 BLACK, Margaret Elizabeth  1736Virginia I4467
    3 BOWLING, John M  Jul 1847Virginia I10920
    4 BROWN, Braxton  Abt 1791Virginia I7712
    5 BROWN, Mordieca  Abt 1835Virginia I7714
    6 BROWN, Peter  Abt 1838Virginia I7715
    7 BROWN, Pricilla  Abt 1843Virginia I7717
    8 BROWN, Robert  Abt 1841Virginia I7716
    9 BROWN, Thomas A  30 Mar 1832Virginia I7711
    10 CHRISTIAN, Lou R  Jul 1851Virginia I1053
    11 COX, Carter  25 Dec 1832Virginia I1047
    12 ELAM, James  Abt 1805Virginia I7386
    13 FAURE OR FORD, Ruth  1745Virginia I10740
    14 FIELDER, Sarah  9 Aug 1778Virginia I6717
    15 FURGESON, Jenneth or Judeth  17 Aug 1787Virginia I2403
    16 GILLESPIE, Mary Ann  10 Mar 1808Virginia I851
    17 GOODPASTER, Cornelius  Abt 1770Virginia I5301
    18 HENSLEY, Lucy  1782Virginia I7376
    19 JUSTICE, Hard or Fred  Abt 1832Virginia I7649
    20 LEWIS, Charles  1762Virginia I10183
    21 LEWIS, Elizabeth  1765Virginia I10185
    22 LEWIS, John  1756Virginia I10189
    23 LEWIS, William Benjamin  1778Virginia I10184
    24 MARTIN, Judith  Virginia I993
    25 MAXEY, Nathaniel  1744Virginia  I3522
    26 MCQUIN, Nancy  Abt 1756Virginia  I3511
    27 NICKELL, John "Black John"  15 Nov 1771Virginia I2041
    28 OAKLEY, Edmund  1774Virginia I6134
    29 OAKLEY, Pleasant  1774Virginia I6133
    30 OAKLEY, Thomas  1773Virginia I6132
    31 OAKLEY, William  27 May 1768Virginia I1151
    32 PHILLIPS, Rhoda  1778Virginia I5785
    33 PIERATT, Thomas  1797Virginia I2886
    34 PIERCE, John  Before 1765Virginia  I3510
    35 SEXTON, Nancy Sexton  1787Virginia I6674
    36 STEVENS, Hannah  Abt 1770Virginia I10563
    37 STROTHER, Jane  10 Jan 1732Virginia I10182
    38 UNKNOWN, Mary A  Abt 1832Virginia I7650
    39 UNKNOWN, Mary Ann  Abt 1807Virginia I1483
    40 UNKNOWN, Mary E  Abt 1838Virginia I7719
    41 UNKNOWN, Rebecca  Abt 1810Virginia I7713
    42 WILSON, Andrew  1740Virginia I6632
    43 WOOD, Robert Ezekiel  1 Sep 1874Virginia I7158


    Matches 1 to 9 of 9

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 CRAIG, Frances  Bef 1848Virginia I6633
    2 KEBZA, Charles J  13 Jul 1976Virginia I1856
    3 LEE, Mary  Virginia I6679
    4 LEWIS, Alexander  1797Virginia I10190
    5 LEWIS, Andrew  26 Sep 1781Virginia I2760
    6 LEWIS, Thomas  1847Virginia I10186
    7 LEWIS, William  Nov 1812Virginia I5266
    8 MONTGOMERY, Ann  1802Virginia I10187
    9 WILSON, Andrew  Aft 1780Virginia I6632


    Matches 1 to 1 of 1

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
    1 KEETON, Abraham  Jan-May 1814Virginia I2391


    Matches 1 to 3 of 3

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 LEWIS / Strother  1749Virginia F3485
    2 McElroy /   1750Virginia F3608
    3 WILSON / Craig  Abt 1767Virginia F2318