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  • Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky


    Tree: Blecha/McDaniel

    Latitude: 38.1448015, Longitude: -83.7640847


    Matches 1 to 50 of 50

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 CARPENTER, Effie  31 Oct 1883Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3469
    2 CARPENTER, Ellis  Aug 1881Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3468
    3 CARPENTER, Emmie  Sep 1891Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3472
    4 CARPENTER, Isabelle  Abt 1862Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3458
    5 CARPENTER, James W  Abt 1868Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3486
    6 CARPENTER, Jeff D.  Abt 1879Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I727
    7 CARPENTER, John M  Abt 1866Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3460
    8 CARPENTER, John O  Abt 1866Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3485
    9 CARPENTER, Julia  Jan 1888Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3471
    10 CARPENTER, Martha  Abt 1864Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3459
    11 CARPENTER, Mary  Sep 1887Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3470
    12 CARPENTER, Peter  Abt 1868Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3461
    13 CARPENTER, Squire Harvey  8 Aug 1859Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3457
    14 CARPENTER, Squire S  Abt 1861Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3483
    15 CARPENTER, Thomas  Abt 1863Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3484
    16 CARPENTER, William "Willie"  Jun 1880Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3467
    17 CARTER, Alice Frances  11 Mar 1885Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3770
    18 CARTER, Annie  10 Mar 1883Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3768
    19 CARTER, Birdie  Feb 1889Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3772
    20 CARTER, Eliza  Jul 1880Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3488
    21 CARTER, Gillie May  10 May 1873Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3762
    22 CARTER, James  24 Mar 1833Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3487
    23 CARTER, John  1841Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3463
    24 CARTER, Joseph Marion "George"  1 May 1870Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3466
    25 CARTER, Lillie Ellen  22 Apr 1867Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3464
    26 CARTER, Lizzie Maude "Betty"  27 Aug 1868Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3465
    27 CARTER, Ollie Lou  12 Oct 1880Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3766
    28 CARTER, Pearl  19 Dec 1874Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3763
    29 CARTER, Roberta  19 Aug 1919Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I11276
    30 CARTER, William Lee  17 Feb 1877Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3765
    31 PIERATT, Clay Burk  May 1895Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3794
    32 PIERATT, Frank Hash  6 Jul 1892Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3795
    33 PIERATT, John Santford  21 Nov 1885Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3820
    34 PIERATT, Mary Fenton  Jun 1883Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3819
    35 PIERATT, Nannie Lee  Jan 1890Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3821
    36 PIERATT, Robert Letcher  12 Mar 1846Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I601
    37 PIERATT, Sarah Ann  18 Jun 1848Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I602
    38 TIPTON, Elizabeth  1861Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3612
    39 TIPTON, Elza Luther  5 Oct 1866Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3614
    40 TIPTON, Eva Lou  17 Feb 1859Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3589
    41 TIPTON, Grant  1863Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3613
    42 TIPTON, James Bell  26 Jul 1846Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3602
    43 TIPTON, John Millard  28 Oct 1856Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3608
    44 TIPTON, Maranda Susan  1869Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3617
    45 TIPTON, Mary Jane  9 Feb 1850Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I2873
    46 TIPTON, Nannie Orie  1868Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3616
    47 TIPTON, Robert Letcher  1857Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3610
    48 TIPTON, Samuel C.  1858Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3611
    49 TIPTON, Sarah Ellen  9 Apr 1848Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3604
    50 TIPTON, Sidney Allen  27 Sep 1852Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3606


    Matches 1 to 20 of 20

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 BUTLER, Keziah  16 Mar 1840Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I1152
    2 CARPENTER, Artimesia  15 Mar 1916Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I2024
    3 CARPENTER, Earl  15 Aug 1998Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I11275
    4 CARTER, Birdie  Bef 1890Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3772
    5 CARTER, James  1 Jul 1911Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3487
    6 CARTER, John  5 Jan 1904Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3463
    7 CARTER, Roberta  8 Jul 2005Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I11276
    8 CARTER, William Lee  Bef 1880Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3765
    9 OAKLEY, Anderson  13 Jun 1853Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I8486
    10 OAKLEY, Austin S  13 Jan 1853Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I8485
    11 OAKLEY, Edmund  Abt 1850Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I6134
    12 PIERATT, Charles  1880Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I2595
    13 PIERATT, Emma Frances "Emily"  1930Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I1209
    14 PIERATT, Eva Lou  Abt 1869Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3549
    15 PIERATT, George  3 Feb 1881Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I1219
    16 PIERATT, Jacob  10 Jul 1908Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I2096
    17 PIERATT, Martha Alice  Feb 1941Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I2839
    18 SEXTON, Benjamin Franklin  1860Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I6673
    19 TIPTON, Mary Jane  27 Oct 1928Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I2873
    20 TIPTON, Robert Letcher  9 Apr 1899Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3550


    Matches 1 to 4 of 4

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    1 CARPENTER, Laura Lucinda  Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I2002
    2 MAXEY, Asa  Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I959
    3 PIERATT, Ora  Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3775
    4 TIPTON, Eva Lou  Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I3589


    Matches 1 to 15 of 15

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
    1 JONES, Cadwater  1820Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I10706
    2 JONES, Cadwater  1860Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I10706
    3 MAXEY, Anna  1820Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I103
    4 PIERATT, David  1860Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I102
    5 PIERATT, Eli  1820Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I106
    6 PIERATT, Elizabeth  1820Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I100
    7 PIERATT, James  1820Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I95
    8 PIERATT, James Samuel  1820Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I2860
    9 PIERATT, John  1820Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I591
    10 PIERATT, John Morris  1820Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I97
    11 PIERATT, Thomas J  1820Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I108
    12 PIERATT, Valentine  1820Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I107
    13 SHULTZ, Sarah  1820Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I99
    14 SHULTZ, Sarah  1860Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I99
    15 TIPTON, Elizabeth  1860Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky I2086


    Matches 1 to 2 of 2

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 Pieratt / Maxey  9 Oct 1814Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky F31
    2 Sexton / SMITH  1774Owingsville, Bath Co., Kentucky F2330