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  • Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky


    Tree: Blecha/McDaniel

    Latitude: 37.8921485, Longitude: -83.4450667


    Matches 1 to 31 of 31

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 BOLIN, Dorothy  10 Jul 1915Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I416
    2 BOLIN, Walter  25 Jul 1931Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I10939
    3 CARPENTER, Carolyn Nell  29 Jan 1936Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I5593
    4 CARPENTER, Leora  23 Sep 1910Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I366
    5 CARPENTER, Minnie Florence  3 Feb 1909Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I14
    6 CARPENTER, Ura Fern  21 Apr 1913Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I367
    7 COFFEE, Lula A  21 Apr 1890Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I2670
    8 CRAFT, George Lee  6 Jul 1892Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I349
    9 CRAFT, Louisa Jane  Abt 1885Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I2055
    10 CRAFT, Rhoda Elizabeth  11 Feb 1890Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I350
    11 GUNNELL, Lura Ellen  21 Jul 1897Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I5597
    12 INGRAM, Jefferson Davis  18 Aug 1861Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I2443
    13 KASH, Everlie Wendell  24 Nov 1897Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I4301
    14 KASH, Ina Rai  20 Jun 1900Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I4303
    15 KASH, Lenola Fai  16 Apr 1902Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I4304
    16 NICKELL, Carrie Lou  28 Sep 1898Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I837
    17 NICKELL, H. Volney  11 Jul 1877Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I10307
    18 NICKELL, Mary Elizabeth  26 Nov 1857Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I162
    19 NICKELL, Robert Bruce  18 Dec 1886Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I3717
    20 NICKELL, Warren Tinsley  6 Feb 1897Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I836
    21 OAKLEY, Ida Moore  1881Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I3628
    22 PATRICK, Nancy Emeline  8 Sep 1851Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I2058
    23 PIERATT, Alice Aretta  4 Jul 1867Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I296
    24 PIERATT, Andrew Thomas  19 Jul 1840Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I120
    25 PIERATT, Anna Eliza  3 Mar 1876Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I820
    26 PIERATT, Elizabeth Morton  26 Feb 1881Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I127
    27 PIERATT, Hollie Davis  18 Sep 1909Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I437
    28 PIERATT, Laura Theresa  29 Nov 1892Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I3700
    29 PIERATT, Raney Morton  7 Feb 1889Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I153
    30 SEXTON, Omer  1 Jun 1894Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I2745
    31 WARD, Martha  25 Dec 1888Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I10919


    Matches 1 to 28 of 28

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 BOLIN, Ollie Marvin  6 Mar 2006Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I10936
    2 BOLIN, Walter  16 Feb 2007Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I10939
    3 BOLIN, William Franklin "W F"  15 Sep 1971Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I10918
    4 CARPENTER, Ida Ellen  19 Mar 1983Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I1034
    5 CARPENTER, James Monroe  21 Sep 1970Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I1032
    6 CRAFT, Woodrow Wilson  23 Feb 1938Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I346
    7 HENRY, Sarah Jane  25 Jun 1923Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I147
    8 KASH, Sam Lee  8 Nov 1908Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I173
    9 LEACH, Estill Clay  6 Nov 2000Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I2344
    10 LEACH, Rollie  7 Oct 1982Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I1035
    11 MCGUIRE, James Jacob  8 May 1926Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I1009
    12 MCGUIRE, Lizzie  26 Dec 1955Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I170
    13 NICKELL, Gillie Ann Stewart  27 May 1903Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I116
    14 NICKELL, Mary Elizabeth  3 Jun 1943Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I162
    15 NICKELL, Napolean B  1904Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I1041
    16 OAKLEY, Johnson Van Buren  21 Feb 1918Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I3629
    17 PATRICK, Nancy Emeline  7 Sep 1926Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I2058
    18 PIERATT, Alice Aretta  14 Mar 1937Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I296
    19 PIERATT, Eli  25 Mar 1900Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I106
    20 PIERATT, Eliza  17 Apr 1896Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I122
    21 PIERATT, Hollie Davis  25 Dec 1987Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I437
    22 PIERATT, Silas  25 Aug 1918Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I109
    23 SEXTON, Caleb  15 Nov 1898Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I2057
    24 SEXTON, Presley  20 Jul 1919Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I2039
    25 TOY, Lousiana T  6 Oct 1912Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I10927
    26 WARD, Martha  9 Jul 1984Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I10919
    27 WATSON, Henry Columbus  15 Feb 1957Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky  I10914
    28 WILSON, Mary Ann  30 Jan 1876Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I2146


    Matches 1 to 1 of 1

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    1 PIERATT, Raye  Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky I706


    Matches 1 to 3 of 3

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 Carpenter / Bolin  13 Jan 1934Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky F145
    2 Duff / Pieratt  24 Sep 1900Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky F51
    3 Sexton / Craft  22 May 1908Ezel, Morgan County, Kentucky F127