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  • Bath County, Kentucky


    Tree: Blecha/McDaniel

    Latitude: 38.1068164, Longitude: -83.7199136


    Matches 1 to 50 of 287

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 BOAZ, Emma Lacy  4 May 1871Bath County, Kentucky I3761
    2 BOAZ, Gertrude  9 Jun 1891Bath County, Kentucky I4151
    3 BOAZ, James  19 Jan 1896Bath County, Kentucky I4154
    4 BOAZ, Luther  31 Jan 1893Bath County, Kentucky I4153
    5 BOAZ, Mary "Polly"  26 Jan 1839Bath County, Kentucky I2790
    6 BOAZ, Orval Buela  Nov 1897Bath County, Kentucky I4156
    7 BOAZ, Thomas  31 Jan 1870Bath County, Kentucky I4150
    8 CARPENTER, Albert Harrison  21 Sep 1827Bath County, Kentucky I1979
    9 CARPENTER, Amanda M  Abt 1833Bath County, Kentucky I1938
    10 CARPENTER, Amelia Louisa  Abt 1849Bath County, Kentucky I1948
    11 CARPENTER, Andrew Jackson  Jun 1847Bath County, Kentucky I1947
    12 CARPENTER, Artimesia  2 Oct 1852Bath County, Kentucky I2024
    13 CARPENTER, Benjamin Franklin  Dec 1848Bath County, Kentucky I2019
    14 CARPENTER, Betsy  Abt 1833Bath County, Kentucky I1930
    15 CARPENTER, Caroline  6 Oct 1821Bath County, Kentucky I1969
    16 CARPENTER, Catharine  12 Dec 1866Bath County, Kentucky I2001
    17 CARPENTER, Charles  7 Jul 1829Bath County, Kentucky I1929
    18 CARPENTER, Cinthia Etta  13 May 1864Bath County, Kentucky I1999
    19 CARPENTER, Clifford  Abt b1877Bath County, Kentucky I9987
    20 CARPENTER, Denissa (Denica)  Abt 1824Bath County, Kentucky I2195
    21 CARPENTER, Elizabeth  Abt 1834Bath County, Kentucky I1951
    22 CARPENTER, Elizabeth  Abt 1855Bath County, Kentucky I1962
    23 CARPENTER, Elizabeth  Abt 1860Bath County, Kentucky I1998
    24 CARPENTER, Emily  Abt 1852Bath County, Kentucky I2020
    25 CARPENTER, Etna  Abt 1873Bath County, Kentucky I10722
    26 CARPENTER, Evaline  Abt 1878Bath County, Kentucky I2012
    27 CARPENTER, George  Abt 1873Bath County, Kentucky I2010
    28 CARPENTER, George M  Abt 1841Bath County, Kentucky I1941
    29 CARPENTER, George W  Mar 1840Bath County, Kentucky I1944
    30 CARPENTER, George W.  1854 Or 1853Bath County, Kentucky I2021
    31 CARPENTER, Harvey  Jul 1872Bath County, Kentucky I7137
    32 CARPENTER, Hattie  Abt 1875Bath County, Kentucky I10723
    33 CARPENTER, Henry  Abt 1857 Or 1856Bath County, Kentucky I2022
    34 CARPENTER, Henry or Harry (or Harvey)  Abt 1808Bath County, Kentucky I1150
    35 CARPENTER, Hettie  Abt 1860Bath County, Kentucky I1964
    36 CARPENTER, Hettie J  Abt 1840Bath County, Kentucky I1993
    37 CARPENTER, Jacob  Abt 1866Bath County, Kentucky I2007
    38 CARPENTER, James H  Abt 1845Bath County, Kentucky I1946
    39 CARPENTER, John  Abt 1839Bath County, Kentucky I1933
    40 CARPENTER, John M  Abt 1870Bath County, Kentucky I2006
    41 CARPENTER, Laura Lucinda  5 Feb 1868Bath County, Kentucky I2002
    42 CARPENTER, Levi  Abt 1844Bath County, Kentucky I1952
    43 CARPENTER, Louisa  Abt 1848Bath County, Kentucky I1953
    44 CARPENTER, Louisa A  Abt 1837Bath County, Kentucky I1932
    45 CARPENTER, Lucinda  Abt 1830Bath County, Kentucky I1137
    46 CARPENTER, Lucy  Abt 1853Bath County, Kentucky I2017
    47 CARPENTER, Lucy  Abt 1871Bath County, Kentucky I7146
    48 CARPENTER, Manuel  Abt 1852Bath County, Kentucky I3456
    49 CARPENTER, Mary  Abt 1848Bath County, Kentucky I2018
    50 CARPENTER, Mary Ann  Abt 1832Bath County, Kentucky I1140

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    Matches 1 to 50 of 92

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 AYRE\EARSE, Elizabeth Anna  Before 1820Bath County, Kentucky I94
    2 BOAZ, Luther  Oct 1893Bath County, Kentucky I4153
    3 BOAZ, Orval Buela  Nov 1897Bath County, Kentucky I4156
    4 BUTLER, Lucinda  1880Bath County, Kentucky I2877
    5 CARPENTER, George W.  1936Bath County, Kentucky I2021
    6 CARPENTER, John  Aft 1862Bath County, Kentucky I1130
    7 CARPENTER, Laura Lucinda  27 Nov 1941Bath County, Kentucky I2002
    8 CARPENTER, Mary Sudie  1963Bath County, Kentucky I7138
    9 CARPENTER, Michael  27 Apr 1911Bath County, Kentucky I1934
    10 CARPENTER, Michael B  30 Jan 1880Bath County, Kentucky I1147
    11 CARPENTER, Monroe  28 Aug 1940Bath County, Kentucky I7142
    12 CARPENTER, Shelby  8 Dec 1902Bath County, Kentucky I2013
    13 CARPENTER, Squire C.  20 Dec 1881Bath County, Kentucky I1149
    14 CARPENTER, Squire Harvey  2 May 1935Bath County, Kentucky I3457
    15 CARTER, Annie  19 Oct 1954Bath County, Kentucky I3768
    16 CARTER, Lillie Ellen  1 Jul 1942Bath County, Kentucky I3464
    17 CARTMILL, Edward  6 Aug 1906Bath County, Kentucky I3811
    18 CARTMILL, Eliza "Elsie"  1957Bath County, Kentucky I3813
    19 CARTMILL, Susan  Abt 1884Bath County, Kentucky I3618
    20 CASSITY, David  Jun 1814Bath County, Kentucky I3448
    21 CASSITY, Hiram  After 1860Bath County, Kentucky I3543
    22 CASSITY, James  Before 1860Bath County, Kentucky I8333
    23 CASSITY, Peter JR.  Afte 1811Bath County, Kentucky I3449
    24 CASSITY, William  1821Bath County, Kentucky I3447
    25 COOK, John Thomas  18 Jan 1910Bath County, Kentucky I3594
    26 CROCKET, Jane Julia Ann  29 Nov 1902Bath County, Kentucky I3462
    27 DIMITT, Unknown  24 Sep 1888Bath County, Kentucky I4109
    28 DIMITT, Unknown  25 Jul 1890Bath County, Kentucky I4110
    29 DIMITT, Unknown  30 Nov 1894Bath County, Kentucky I4113
    30 DIMITT, Virginia Lee  28 Jun 1916Bath County, Kentucky I4107
    31 FAURE, Ann  15 Apr 1810Bath County, Kentucky I931
    32 GARRETT, Thomas  24 Apr 1960Bath County, Kentucky I3784
    33 GOODPASTER, Daniel  26 May 1859Bath County, Kentucky I5314
    34 GOODPASTER, Fountain  20 Feb 1894Bath County, Kentucky I3573
    35 GOODPASTER, John  19 May 1848Bath County, Kentucky I3571
    36 GOODPASTER, Reubin Ragland  18 Feb 1921Bath County, Kentucky I6110
    37 HARRIS, Ann Leathers  Aft 1862Bath County, Kentucky I1144
    38 HOPKINS, Francis  Abt 1823Bath County, Kentucky I3395
    39 JONES, Cadwater  After 1870Bath County, Kentucky I10706
    40 JONES, Charles  28 Dec 1833Bath County, Kentucky I3424
    41 JONES, Charles  4 Nov 1859Bath County, Kentucky I10957
    42 JONES, Joseph Carter  1922Bath County, Kentucky I4198
    43 JONES, Lucinda  Abt 1864Bath County, Kentucky I10958
    44 JONES, Riley  Before Jan 1849Bath County, Kentucky I10959
    45 JONES, Sarah or Sally  12 Dec 1879Bath County, Kentucky I1148
    46 KARRICK, Claud  1 Dec 1957Bath County, Kentucky I3769
    47 LUTTRELL ( OR SUTTLE), Julia Ann (Judy Ann)  17 Jul 1901Bath County, Kentucky I2014
    48 MAXEY, Asa  29 Jul 1879Bath County, Kentucky I959
    49 MAXEY, Raney Chastain  1858 (abt)Bath County, Kentucky I981
    50 OAKLEY, Christopher  1828Bath County, Kentucky I6131

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    Matches 1 to 50 of 95

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
    1 BUTLER, Lucinda  1850Bath County, Kentucky I2877
    2 BUTLER, Lucinda  1860Bath County, Kentucky I2877
    3 BUTLER, Lucinda  1870Bath County, Kentucky I2877
    4 BUTLER, Lucinda  1880Bath County, Kentucky I2877
    5 CARPENTER, Michael  1820Bath County, Kentucky I1132
    6 CASSITY, Ambrose  1860Bath County, Kentucky I8334
    7 CASSITY, David  1850Bath County, Kentucky I8330
    8 CASSITY, David  1860Bath County, Kentucky I8330
    9 CASSITY, Elizabeth  1850Bath County, Kentucky I8326
    10 CASSITY, George  1850Bath County, Kentucky I8329
    11 CASSITY, Hiram  1850Bath County, Kentucky I3543
    12 CASSITY, Hiram  1860Bath County, Kentucky I3543
    13 CASSITY, James  1850Bath County, Kentucky I8333
    14 CASSITY, Katherine  1850Bath County, Kentucky I8332
    15 CASSITY, Katherine  1860Bath County, Kentucky I8332
    16 CASSITY, Kenas  1850Bath County, Kentucky I8331
    17 CASSITY, Kenas  1860Bath County, Kentucky I8331
    18 CASSITY, Nancy  1850Bath County, Kentucky I8325
    19 CASSITY, Oliver Belvard  1850Bath County, Kentucky I8324
    20 CASSITY, William  1850Bath County, Kentucky I8328
    21 CASSITY, William  1860Bath County, Kentucky I8328
    22 CASSITY, Willis  1850Bath County, Kentucky I8327
    23 CASSITY, Willis  1860Bath County, Kentucky I8327
    24 GOODPASTER, Sarah Ann  1850Bath County, Kentucky I1038
    25 HAMILTON, Malinda  1830Bath County, Kentucky I2597
    26 HAMILTON, Malinda  1840Bath County, Kentucky I2597
    27 JONES, Cadwater  1830Bath County, Kentucky I10706
    28 JONES, Cadwater  1840Bath County, Kentucky I10706
    29 JONES, Cadwater  1850Bath County, Kentucky I10706
    30 JONES, Cadwater  1870Bath County, Kentucky I10706
    31 JONES, Charles  1820Bath County, Kentucky I3424
    32 JONES, Charles  1830Bath County, Kentucky I3424
    33 OAKLEY, Benjamin  1800Bath County, Kentucky I1200
    34 OAKLEY, Christopher  1800Bath County, Kentucky I6131
    35 OAKLEY, Edmund  1800Bath County, Kentucky I6134
    36 OAKLEY, Pleasant  1800Bath County, Kentucky I6133
    37 OAKLEY, Thomas  1800Bath County, Kentucky I6132
    38 OAKLEY, William  1800Bath County, Kentucky I1151
    39 PIERATT, Allen Calvin  1840Bath County, Kentucky I2600
    40 PIERATT, Anne Elizabeth "Eliza"  1860Bath County, Kentucky I2882
    41 PIERATT, Anne Elizabeth "Eliza"  1880Bath County, Kentucky I2882
    42 PIERATT, Charles  1830Bath County, Kentucky I2595
    43 PIERATT, Charles  1840Bath County, Kentucky I2595
    44 PIERATT, Charles  1850Bath County, Kentucky I2595
    45 PIERATT, Charles  1860Bath County, Kentucky I2595
    46 PIERATT, Charles  1870Bath County, Kentucky I2595
    47 PIERATT, Charles  1880Bath County, Kentucky I2595
    48 PIERATT, Cynthiann  1840Bath County, Kentucky I2599
    49 PIERATT, David  1830Bath County, Kentucky I102
    50 PIERATT, David  1840Bath County, Kentucky I102

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    Military Service

    Matches 1 to 1 of 1

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
    1 PIERRAT, Valentin  1836Bath County, Kentucky I93


    Matches 1 to 4 of 4

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other    Person ID 
    1 CASSITY, Peter JR.  5 Aug 1811Bath County, Kentucky I3449
    2 JONES, Charles  5 Aug 1811Bath County, Kentucky I3424
    3 MCGUIRE, John  1792Bath County, Kentucky I2389
    4 PIERATT, James  Aug 1833Bath County, Kentucky I95


    Matches 1 to 1 of 1

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
    1 PIERRAT, Valentin  1800Bath County, Kentucky I93


    Matches 1 to 45 of 45

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 BOAZ / Carter  2 Jan 1890Bath County, Kentucky F1517
    2 Carpenter / Carpenter  24 Nov 1864Bath County, Kentucky F1211
    3 Carpenter / CASSITY  1790Bath County, Kentucky F389
    4 Carpenter / Christa  17 Sep 1885Bath County, Kentucky F1198
    5 Carpenter / Crocket  27 Jul 1879Bath County, Kentucky F1208
    6 Carpenter / GOODPASTER  24 Jul 1837Bath County, Kentucky F1909
    7 Carpenter / Goodpaster  31 Aug 1893Bath County, Kentucky F2051
    8 Carpenter / HARRIS  21 Jul 1837Bath County, Kentucky F394
    9 Carpenter / Jones  1 Sep 1816Bath County, Kentucky F388
    10 Carpenter / Jones  5 Oct 1822Bath County, Kentucky F396
    11 Carpenter / Luttrell ( Or Suttle)  4 Apr 1848Bath County, Kentucky F660
    12 Carpenter / MOORE  25 Feb 1820Bath County, Kentucky F662
    13 Carpenter / Moore  17 Sep 1820Bath County, Kentucky F393
    14 Carpenter / ROBINSON  22 Nov 1877Bath County, Kentucky F1210
    15 Carpenter / SMITH  Abt 1826Bath County, Kentucky F605
    16 Carpenter / SMITH  20 Dec 1865Bath County, Kentucky F1194
    17 Carpenter / Unknown  1900Bath County, Kentucky F2508
    18 Carpenter / WARNER  15 Feb 1860Bath County, Kentucky F659
    19 Carpenter / WIATT  11 May 1852Bath County, Kentucky F658
    20 Carter / Pieratt  12 Jul 1866Bath County, Kentucky F1209
    21 CARTER / Pieratt  27 Aug 1878Bath County, Kentucky F1213
    22 CASSITY / Pieratt  22 Mar 1828Bath County, Kentucky F1239
    23 Cox / Sexton  28 Apr 1814Bath County, Kentucky F2349
    24 GOODPASTER / Carpenter  19 Apr 1811Bath County, Kentucky F1905
    25 GOODPASTER / Carpenter  19 Sep 1844Bath County, Kentucky F1908
    26 Goodpaster / Payne  2 Oct 1873Bath County, Kentucky F1896
    27 GOODPASTER / Pieratt  17 Aug 1826Bath County, Kentucky F1238
    28 Goodpaster / Pieratt  16 Oct 1833Bath County, Kentucky F32
    29 GOODPASTER / TURNER  16 Mar 1811Bath County, Kentucky F1252
    30 HOPKINS / Brinton  9 Sep 1815Bath County, Kentucky F1176
    31 JONES / BOAZ  1912Bath County, Kentucky F1518
    32 Jones / Rogan  18 Apr 1816Bath County, Kentucky F3679
    33 Leach / Chastain  11 Apr 1816Bath County, Kentucky F2472
    34 LEWIS / Elliott  25 Feb 1817Bath County, Kentucky F402
    35 LEWIS / Mynhier  28 Sep 1823Bath County, Kentucky F408
    36 Pieratt / Goodpaster  27 Jun 1839Bath County, Kentucky F191
    37 Pieratt / HAMILTON  12 Feb 1829Bath County, Kentucky F867
    38 Pieratt / Pieratt  1890Bath County, Kentucky F1263
    39 Pieratt / Shultz  26 Mar 1814Bath County, Kentucky F30
    40 Pieratt / TIPTON  8 Dec 1875Bath County, Kentucky F941
    41 Pieratt / TRUMBO  25 Dec 1906Bath County, Kentucky F1349
    42 Pieratt / Warner  30 Dec 1852Bath County, Kentucky F681
    43 SUTTLE / Carpenter  28 Nov 1849Bath County, Kentucky F661
    44 TIPTON / CARTMILL  Aft 1869Bath County, Kentucky F1272
    45 Toy / Ward  20 Jul 1851Bath County, Kentucky F3762