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  • Pawnee County, Nebraska


    Tree: Blecha/McDaniel

    Latitude: 40.1025817, Longitude: -96.1951320


    Matches 1 to 32 of 32

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 BLECHA, Albert  15 Jan 1894Pawnee County, Nebraska I174688
    2 BLECHA, Evelyn Lucille  26 Jan 1928Pawnee County, Nebraska I174852
    3 BLECHA, Frank Charles  14 Nov 1900Pawnee County, Nebraska I172632
    4 BLECHA, Frank Joseph  15 Sep 1879Pawnee County, Nebraska I174258
    5 BLECHA, Joseph Frank  10 Dec 1896Pawnee County, Nebraska I172630
    6 BLECHA, Louis  1895Pawnee County, Nebraska I174689
    7 BLECHA, Rosa (Rose)  20 May 1886Pawnee County, Nebraska I174261
    8 BLECHA, Rudolph Emil  23 Aug 1906Pawnee County, Nebraska I175894
    9 BRZON, Michael Sr.  6 Jan 1871Pawnee County, Nebraska I170856
    10 BSTANDIG, Alice G.  21 Jun 1909Pawnee County, Nebraska I172633
    11 CHAUZA, Arnold Frank  12 May 1913Pawnee County, Nebraska I175564
    12 FENCL, Lena  7 Apr 1909Pawnee County, Nebraska I169824
    13 HAVLICEK, Frantiska (Frances)  2 Oct 1891Pawnee County, Nebraska I175732
    14 HORALEK, Emma  28 Nov 1907Pawnee County, Nebraska I174849
    15 HORALEK, Fannie  27 Mar 1876Pawnee County, Nebraska I169730
    16 RINNE, Henry August  25 Dec 1877Pawnee County, Nebraska I172065
    17 SCHULTZ, Agnes  Abt 1903Pawnee County, Nebraska I172710
    18 SCHULTZ, Albert  Abt 1906Pawnee County, Nebraska I172711
    19 SCHULTZ, Ambrose  Dec 1894Pawnee County, Nebraska I172707
    20 SCHULTZ, Anna  Abt 1901Pawnee County, Nebraska I172709
    21 SCHULTZ, Anna J  31 Mar 1898Pawnee County, Nebraska I375261
    22 SCHULTZ, Anton  Abt 1908Pawnee County, Nebraska I172712
    23 SCHULTZ, Carl Frank  26 Feb 1894Pawnee County, Nebraska I375257
    24 SCHULTZ, Ella A  Dec 1890Pawnee County, Nebraska I172705
    25 SCHULTZ, Emma T  Apr 1893Pawnee County, Nebraska I172706
    26 SCHULTZ, Joseph J  Jun 1897Pawnee County, Nebraska I172708
    27 SCHULTZ, Lorna Lulu  23 May 1896Pawnee County, Nebraska I375259
    28 SHER, Mary  11 Apr 1890Pawnee County, Nebraska I174731
    29 WENZL, Amelia  11 Jun 1876Pawnee County, Nebraska I10277
    30 WENZL, Anna  1869Pawnee County, Nebraska I10278
    31 WENZL, Charles  4 Apr 1874Pawnee County, Nebraska I10280
    32 WENZL, Stephen  29 Oct 1880Pawnee County, Nebraska I10279


    Matches 1 to 18 of 18

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 Frances E  22 Feb 1941Pawnee County, Nebraska I10282
    2 BLECHA, Emil  11 Jan 1931Pawnee County, Nebraska I174693
    3 BLECHA, Frantisek "Frank" Joseph  4 Aug 1947Pawnee County, Nebraska I169464
    4 BLECHA, Josephus "Joseph"  10 Oct 1934Pawnee County, Nebraska I169439
    5 BLECHA, Louis  1896Pawnee County, Nebraska I174689
    6 BLECHOVA, Josefa "Josephine"  27 Jan 1895Pawnee County, Nebraska I169411
    7 HAMPEL, Mary Teresa  9 Jan 1969Pawnee County, Nebraska I10281
    8 JAKUBKA, Marie  10 Jul 1898Pawnee County, Nebraska I169421
    9 KOHN, Barbara  2 Jan 1929Pawnee County, Nebraska I10276
    10 KRASNIG, Helen  About 1891Pawnee County, Nebraska I9026
    11 SCHULTZ, Anna Mary  22 Sep 1940Pawnee County, Nebraska I172624
    12 SCHULTZ, Carl (Charles)  30 Jul 1894Pawnee County, Nebraska I375255
    13 STORANDT\STORANT, Elizabeth  23 May 1946Pawnee County, Nebraska I375256
    14 WENZL, Anna  1957Pawnee County, Nebraska I10278
    15 WENZL, Charles  25 Oct 1938Pawnee County, Nebraska I10280
    16 WENZL, Frank Xavier  5 Oct 1899Pawnee County, Nebraska I169417
    17 WENZL, Herman Edward  5 May 1934Pawnee County, Nebraska I169423
    18 WENZL, Stephen  23 Aug 1954Pawnee County, Nebraska I10279


    Matches 1 to 9 of 9

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
    1 BLECHA, Antonin "Anton" Sr.  1870Pawnee County, Nebraska I169443
    2 BLECHA, Frantisek "Frank"  1870Pawnee County, Nebraska I169412
    3 BLECHA, Josephus "Joseph"  1870Pawnee County, Nebraska I169439
    4 BLECHA, Matej "Michael"  1870Pawnee County, Nebraska I169444
    5 BLECHA, Petr "Peter"  1870Pawnee County, Nebraska I169445
    6 BLECHA, Wenceslaus or Vaclav "James"  1870Pawnee County, Nebraska I169440
    7 BLECHOVA, Frantiska "Frances"  1870Pawnee County, Nebraska I169446
    8 SCHULTZ, Emma T  1900Pawnee County, Nebraska I172706
    9 SEBKOVA, Frantiska (Francis)  1870Pawnee County, Nebraska I169418


    Matches 1 to 1 of 1

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
    1 BLECHA, Joseph Frank Sr  Between 1917 and 1918Pawnee County, Nebraska I375071


    Matches 1 to 11 of 11

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 Blecha / Blecha  5 Feb 1929Pawnee County, Nebraska F64019
    2 Blecha / Horalek  14 Feb 1893Pawnee County, Nebraska F63752
    3 Blecha / Horalek  26 Jan 1927Pawnee County, Nebraska F63806
    4 BLECHA / Krasnig  11 Feb 1890Pawnee County, Nebraska F3061
    5 Blecha / Stepanek  2 Dec 1902Pawnee County, Nebraska F64249
    6 Blecha / Wopata  16 Dec 1919Pawnee County, Nebraska F63567
    7 DEZORT / SIMMONS "Blecha"  13 Feb 1912Pawnee County, Nebraska F136138
    8 Hunzeker / Blecha  16 Dec 1931Pawnee County, Nebraska F64102
    9 Jun / Blecha  12 Dec 1912Pawnee County, Nebraska F64179
    10 Krinkava / Blecha  3 Mar 1920Pawnee County, Nebraska F63804
    11 Robeson / Blecha  2 Aug 1928Pawnee County, Nebraska F64352