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  • Missouri


    Tree: Blecha/McDaniel

    Latitude: 37.9642529, Longitude: -91.8318334


    Matches 1 to 46 of 46

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 Catherine  Abt 1887Missouri I375672
    2 Corrine  1900Missouri I8822
    3 ALLEN, Jesse Joseph  Abt 1899Missouri I375656
    4 BANGE, Edward  Abt 1903Missouri I375602
    5 BANGE, Emas  Abt 1905Missouri I375648
    6 BANGE, Francis  Abt 1899Missouri I375599
    7 BANGE, Joseph  Abt 1897Missouri I375597
    8 BANGE, Katie  Abt 1895Missouri I375600
    9 BANGE, Valentine  Abt 1901Missouri I375598
    10 BATES, Hattie L  21 Nov 1875Missouri I342986
    11 BLECHA, Anton (Andy) Lee  3 May 1963Missouri I174504
    12 BLECHA, Frank W  07 Jun 1867Missouri I375619
    13 BLECHA, John  Apr 1870Missouri I375588
    14 BLECHA, Mary  24 Oct 1857Missouri I375701
    15 BLECHA, Sophia  Abt 1863Missouri I375658
    16 CARLOCK, George Franklin  Abt 1885Missouri I375419
    17 COFFIN, Trenton  31 Jul 1910Missouri I5706
    18 DANIEL, Myrtle Iona  20 Apr 1891Missouri I6924
    19 DENNIS, Harold Andrew  4 Jan 1896Missouri I347621
    20 DOUGHTERY, Della Deloris  10 May 1934Missouri I375339
    21 DRYSDALE, Henry Zartman  06 Sep 1889Missouri I374751
    22 ELLIOTT, Walter O  6 Jan 1889Missouri I7269
    23 GLOVER, Virginia E  Dec 1842Missouri I7024
    24 HARMON, Flora Ann  1891Missouri I7249
    25 MCGUIRE, Ann  Abt 1858Missouri I7449
    26 MCGUIRE, Anna Belle  1866Missouri I9297
    27 MCGUIRE, Franklin  Abt 1854Missouri I7447
    28 MCGUIRE, John  Abt 1856Missouri I7448
    29 MCGUIRE, Lou Ann  Abt 1851Missouri I7446
    30 MCMILLIEN, Missouri Patteron  1844Missouri I7459
    31 MILLER, Margaret "Maggie" Susan  Feb 1871Missouri I375676
    32 MODER, Joseph C  Abt 1878Missouri I375673
    33 MODER, Martin Henry  06 Sep 1908Missouri I375592
    34 NEWCOMER, Bessie Elvin  10 Aug 1894Missouri I2050
    35 PIERATT, Eula  28 Feb 1907Missouri I258
    36 RIDER, Pauline  Abt 1915Missouri I171818
    37 ROBISON, Mae L  25 Mar 1912Missouri I170559
    38 SMITH, Willard Dale  12 Apr 1909Missouri I375185
    39 STEWART, Omar Perrin  Abt 1885Missouri I376391
    40 SWALLER, Elisabeth A  24 Oct 1897Missouri I375695
    41 THOMAS, Stella May  Abt 1887Missouri I375420
    42 WILSON, Billie  Abt 1934Missouri I10041
    43 WILSON, Walter Franklin  25 Jan 1889Missouri I170544
    44 WORMSLEY, John Fred  Abt 1933Missouri I10039
    45 WORMSLEY, John William  6 May 1902Missouri I170546
    46 WORRELL, Eliza Jane  1 Nov 1862Missouri I8512


    Matches 1 to 9 of 9

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 ADAMS, Limuel A  Missouri I5734
    2 CRAFT, Benjamin  12 Sep 1954Missouri I5745
    3 FOULKE, Sarah Frances  12 Feb 1879Missouri I9294
    4 HARRISON, Glen Wilson  29 Sep 1949Missouri I375090
    5 MCGUIRE, James H.  Missouri I7444
    6 MCGUIRE, John Thomas  1887Missouri I7371
    7 MODER, Mary  Before 1900Missouri I375608
    8 PIERATT, Anne Elizabeth "Eliza"  18 Oct 1899Missouri I2882
    9 PIERATT, Lidia (Lydia)  Missouri I2596


    Matches 1 to 1 of 1

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 BLECHA, Ruth Mary  04 Nov 1935Missouri I375709


    Matches 1 to 2 of 2

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 Coffin / Mcguire  1930Missouri F2020
    2 Stone / Mcguire  27 Mar 1936Missouri F2024