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  • Kansas, USA


    Tree: Blecha/McDaniel

    Latitude: 39.0119020, Longitude: -98.4842465


    Matches 1 to 50 of 51

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 APPLEGATE, Ethel L  1914Kansas, USA I7276
    2 APPLEGATE, Ruby C  1915Kansas, USA I7277
    3 BLECHA, Adelaide  Nov 1887Kansas, USA I374726
    4 BLECHA, Albert C Jr  09 Jan 1883Kansas, USA I374727
    5 BLECHA, Blanche A  29 Sep 1885Kansas, USA I374730
    6 BLECHA, Brian Lynn  9 Feb 1986Kansas, USA I8216
    7 BLECHA, Joseph George  27 Mar 1895Kansas, USA I374734
    8 BLECHA, Josephine M  29 Jun 1893Kansas, USA I374735
    9 BLECHA, Louise M.  21 Jun 1884Kansas, USA I374736
    10 BLECHA, Rose Helen  06 Aug 1897Kansas, USA I374737
    11 BLECHA, William Jr V  17 May 1915Kansas, USA I374741
    12 BLECHA, William V (Ladimir)  20 Aug 1889Kansas, USA I374742
    13 BRICHACEK, Josephine  5 Nov 1896Kansas, USA I356311
    14 DOLEZAL, Charles  27 Jul 1881Kansas, USA I348185
    15 DOLEZAL, Glenn M  1908Kansas, USA I348182
    16 DRAKE, Lawrence Earl  Abt 1901Kansas, USA I374747
    17 DRYSDALE, Pauline Blanche  19 Aug 1917Kansas, USA I374749
    18 EADE, George C  Oct 1877Kansas, USA I9463
    19 GREGGOR, Frank Jr  Abt 1907Kansas, USA I347811
    20 HAYES, Ruth  26 Aug 1893Kansas, USA I374760
    21 HILLYER, Ruby Ellis  Abt 1891Kansas, USA I375138
    22 HOLAN, Anna  20 May 1901Kansas, USA I175983
    23 JANOUSEK, Henry C  20 Feb 1903Kansas, USA I347623
    24 L, Anna  Abt 1872Kansas, USA I8813
    25 MAPHET, Alma Emma  8 Oct 1881Kansas, USA I6875
    26 MCGUIRE, Clarence Archibald M.D.  9 Nov 1884Kansas, USA I176623
    27 MCGUIRE, Fred Shelton  23 Nov 1886Kansas, USA I7462
    28 MCGUIRE, Julia Ann  16 Mar 1886Kansas, USA I176624
    29 MLYNAR, Donald L  7 Mar 1932Kansas, USA I354368
    30 NOVAK, Rosie  Abt 1894Kansas, USA I374994
    31 PIERATT, Charles Cole  21 Aug 1911Kansas, USA I8338
    32 PIERATT, Kate Hazel  22 Nov 1890Kansas, USA I748
    33 PIERATT, Marion Robert  1865Kansas, USA I749
    34 PIERATT, Wanita Pearl  9 Feb 1920Kansas, USA I6928
    35 PTACEK, Emily  Abt 1880Kansas, USA I348226
    36 SAYLER, Ray J  1898Kansas, USA I8821
    37 SCHNEIDER, Charles Ray  24 Aug 1912Kansas, USA I351364
    38 SCHOOLER, Leo Ardan  Abt 1888Kansas, USA I375137
    39 SHARA, Charles W  10 Aug 1930Kansas, USA I9493
    40 SHIMANEK, Hedrika  Dec 1891Kansas, USA I375020
    41 SHIMANEK, Mary  Jul 1881Kansas, USA I375019
    42 SOMER, Anton G  13 Apr 1902Kansas, USA I351357
    43 SOMER, Dorothy  11 Jan 1913Kansas, USA I347506
    44 SOMER, Fred F  24 May 1907Kansas, USA I351355
    45 SOMER, Helen G  9 Apr 1912Kansas, USA I351354
    46 SOMER, Jacob Louis  19 Aug 1904Kansas, USA I351356
    47 SOMER, LeRoy Arthur  13 Jan 1906Kansas, USA I348180
    48 SOMER, Marie  22 Apr 1907Kansas, USA I347500
    49 SOUKUP, Josephine H  1 Jul 1880Kansas, USA I351359
    50 STEWART, Katie May  Abt 1891Kansas, USA I376387

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    Matches 1 to 13 of 13

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 BLECHA, Albert C Jr  1964Kansas, USA I374727
    2 BLECHA, John  17 Mar 1952Kansas, USA I374733
    3 BLECHA, Nancy Elizabeth  20 Feb 1982Kansas, USA I169532
    4 HUBKA, Joseph Michael  12 Dec 1956Kansas, USA I174723
    5 MCGUIRE, Fred Shelton  30 Jan 1952Kansas, USA I7462
    6 OAKLEY, William B.  1880Kansas, USA I1212
    7 PIERATT, Henry William  18 Mar 1912Kansas, USA I2789
    8 SOMER, James Anthony Vaclav  Jan 1966Kansas, USA I347817
    9 SOMER, Vaclav Wenzl Waclawa  1 Oct 1882Kansas, USA I347503
    10 STYBR, Anna  04 Sep 1934Kansas, USA I374782
    11 TEGTMEYER, Helen Luise Puett  15 Nov 1982Kansas, USA I7213
    12 TUMA, Frantiska (Francis)  After 1940Kansas, USA I170888
    13 WHITE, Harriet Emma  30 Apr 1995Kansas, USA I7463