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  • Duplin County, North Carolina


    Tree: Blecha/McDaniel

    Latitude: 34.8840095, Longitude: -78.0195387


    Matches 1 to 50 of 86

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 BROWN, Eliza  Abt 1826Duplin County, North Carolina I8374
    2 BROWN, Isaac  Abt 1792Duplin County, North Carolina I7051
    3 GRADDY  Abt 1794Duplin County, North Carolina I9228
    4 GRADDY  1794-1800Duplin County, North Carolina I9229
    5 GRADDY  1804-1810Duplin County, North Carolina I9231
    6 GRADDY  1810-1820Duplin County, North Carolina I9235
    7 GRADDY, James Lee  Abt 1810Duplin County, North Carolina I9233
    8 GRADDY, Kenan  Before 1810Duplin County, North Carolina I9232
    9 GRADDY, Quinny  30 May 1797Duplin County, North Carolina I8379
    10 GRADDY, Rigdon  Abt 1812Duplin County, North Carolina I9234
    11 GRADY, Charity  1765-1774Duplin County, North Carolina I9238
    12 GRADY, Durham  14 Nov 1816Duplin County, North Carolina I8364
    13 GRADY, Elizabeth  Abt 1774Duplin County, North Carolina I7034
    14 GRADY, Elizabeth  16 May 1822Duplin County, North Carolina I8366
    15 GRADY, Frederick  Abt 1785Duplin County, North Carolina I9242
    16 GRADY, Frederick III  5 May 1833Duplin County, North Carolina I8370
    17 GRADY, Fredrick  17 Mar 1782Duplin County, North Carolina I7049
    18 GRADY, Henry  1774-1775Duplin County, North Carolina I9240
    19 GRADY, Lewis  1765-1774Duplin County, North Carolina I9241
    20 GRADY, Liza  22 Jan 1836Duplin County, North Carolina I8372
    21 GRADY, Margaret Anne  Jun 1846Duplin County, North Carolina I343045
    22 GRADY, Mary  After 1770Duplin County, North Carolina I9237
    23 GRADY, Owen  1 Aug 1819Duplin County, North Carolina I8365
    24 GRADY, Sally  26 Nov 1826Duplin County, North Carolina I8368
    25 GRADY, Sophie Ann  13 Jul 1824Duplin County, North Carolina I8367
    26 GRADY, Susan  22 Sep 1828Duplin County, North Carolina I8369
    27 GRADY, Timothy  16 May 1776Duplin County, North Carolina I9243
    28 GRADY, Whitfield  5 May 1833Duplin County, North Carolina I8371
    29 GRADY, William  Before 1770Duplin County, North Carolina I9239
    30 HERRING, Benjamin  Abt 1755Duplin County, North Carolina I9208
    31 HERRING, Charity  Abt 1761Duplin County, North Carolina I7037
    32 HERRING, Daniel  Abt 1726Duplin County, North Carolina I8359
    33 HERRING, Joel  1760Duplin County, North Carolina I9210
    34 HERRING, Whitfield  Abt 1762Duplin County, North Carolina I9214
    35 KEATHLEY, Anna  12 Jul 1782Duplin County, North Carolina I1731
    36 KEATHLEY, Charity  1780Duplin County, North Carolina I9223
    37 KEATHLEY, John  1790Duplin County, North Carolina I9222
    38 KEATHLEY, Jonathan  1778Duplin County, North Carolina I9220
    39 KEATHLEY, Mark  1794Duplin County, North Carolina I9221
    40 KEATHLEY, Richard  1787Duplin County, North Carolina I9224
    41 KEITHLEY, John  1730Duplin County, North Carolina I343061
    42 KORNEGAY, David C  1781-1790Duplin County, North Carolina I7040
    43 MATHEWS  Abt 1839Duplin County, North Carolina I9266
    44 MATHEWS, Alexander  Abt 1828Duplin County, North Carolina I1738
    45 MATHEWS, Catherine (Cartha) (Cassandra)  Abt 1841Duplin County, North Carolina I1735
    46 MATHEWS, Elizabeth  Abt 1837Duplin County, North Carolina I1736
    47 MATHEWS, Eviline  Abt 1844Duplin County, North Carolina I1734
    48 MATHEWS, James  Abt 1829Duplin County, North Carolina I1737
    49 MATHEWS, John  Abt 1800Duplin County, North Carolina I1002
    50 MATHEWS, Nancy  Nov 1833Duplin County, North Carolina I91

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    Matches 1 to 39 of 39

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 DALE, Ally  Before 1830Duplin County, North Carolina I9269
    2 GRADDY  Before 1830Duplin County, North Carolina I9235
    3 GRADDY, Frederick  19 Mar 1818Duplin County, North Carolina I9255
    4 GRADDY, John  12 Mar 1787Duplin County, North Carolina I9186
    5 GRADDY, William  After October 1812Duplin County, North Carolina I8351
    6 GRADY, Charity  Abt 1819Duplin County, North Carolina I9238
    7 GRADY, Charity  21 Apr 1847Duplin County, North Carolina I8363
    8 GRADY, Elizabeth  Bef 1800Duplin County, North Carolina I7034
    9 GRADY, Frederick  After 1850Duplin County, North Carolina I9242
    10 GRADY, Fredrick  20 Dec 1852Duplin County, North Carolina I7049
    11 GRADY, Henry  Before 1817Duplin County, North Carolina I9240
    12 GRADY, Lewis  Abt 1824Duplin County, North Carolina I9241
    13 GRADY, Margaret Anne  Before 1910Duplin County, North Carolina I343045
    14 GRADY, Owen  17 May 1823Duplin County, North Carolina I8365
    15 GRADY, Sally  23 Jan 1827Duplin County, North Carolina I8368
    16 HERRING, Charity  Bef 1833Duplin County, North Carolina I7037
    17 HERRING, Daniel  1787Duplin County, North Carolina I8359
    18 HERRING, Nancy Anne  1842Duplin County, North Carolina I9189
    19 HERRING, Stephen  Abt Oct 1797Duplin County, North Carolina I9158
    20 KEATHLEY, Jonathan  Abt Feb 1822Duplin County, North Carolina I343059
    21 KEATHLEY, Mark  11 Oct 1873Duplin County, North Carolina I9221
    22 KORNEGAY, David C  After 1840Duplin County, North Carolina I7040
    23 MARY, Whitfield  20 Dec 1791Duplin County, North Carolina I9244
    24 O'DANIEL, Alexander  14 Mar 1816Duplin County, North Carolina I1732
    25 O'DANIEL, Charity  Before 1820Duplin County, North Carolina I8357
    26 O'DANIEL, Charity  Before 1820Duplin County, North Carolina I8378
    27 O'DANIEL, Eliza  22 Jun 1869Duplin County, North Carolina I7048
    28 O'DANIEL, Fredrick  Apr 1769-May 28, 1773Duplin County, North Carolina I1728
    29 O'DANIEL, James  After 1870Duplin County, North Carolina I1721
    30 O'DANIEL, James  After 1910Duplin County, North Carolina I1879
    31 O'DANIEL, Owen  Oct 1833Duplin County, North Carolina I7032
    32 O'DANIEL, Sarah Or Sally  After 1860Duplin County, North Carolina I7041
    33 O'DANIEL, William  14 Apr 1816Duplin County, North Carolina I7036
    34 OLIVER, Zilpha  Before 1805Duplin County, North Carolina I8356
    35 ROBERTS, Fereby  Before Nov 1782Duplin County, North Carolina I9215
    36 WHITFIELD, Charity  After 1786Duplin County, North Carolina I1727
    37 WHITFIELD, Sarah  Before 1782Duplin County, North Carolina I8362
    38 WHITFIELD, William  After 20 Aug 1765Duplin County, North Carolina I8354
    39 WORLEY, Reddick  1840-1850Duplin County, North Carolina I7042


    Matches 1 to 50 of 79

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
    1 GRADY, Elizabeth  1790Duplin County, North Carolina I7034
    2 HERRING, Charity  1790Duplin County, North Carolina I7037
    3 HERRING, Charity  1810Duplin County, North Carolina I7037
    4 HERRING, Elisabeth  1790Duplin County, North Carolina I7038
    5 JONES, Elijah  1840Duplin County, North Carolina I90
    6 JONES, John A  1820Duplin County, North Carolina I1490
    7 JONES, John A  1830Duplin County, North Carolina I1490
    8 JONES, John A  1840Duplin County, North Carolina I1490
    9 JONES, Stephen  1830Duplin County, North Carolina I343040
    10 JONES, Stephen  1840Duplin County, North Carolina I343040
    11 KEATHLEY, Anna  1800Duplin County, North Carolina I1731
    12 KEATHLEY, Anna  1810Duplin County, North Carolina I1731
    13 KEATHLEY, Anna  1820Duplin County, North Carolina I1731
    14 KEATHLEY, Jonathan  Apr 1786Duplin County, North Carolina I343059
    15 KEATHLEY, Jonathan  1800Duplin County, North Carolina I343059
    16 KEATHLEY, Jonathan  1810Duplin County, North Carolina I343059
    17 KEATHLEY, Jonathan  1820Duplin County, North Carolina I343059
    18 KORNEGAY, Charlotte  1850Duplin County, North Carolina I1876
    19 KORNEGAY, David C  1810Duplin County, North Carolina I7040
    20 KORNEGAY, David C  1820Duplin County, North Carolina I7040
    21 KORNEGAY, David C  1830Duplin County, North Carolina I7040
    22 KORNEGAY, David C  1840Duplin County, North Carolina I7040
    23 MATHEWS  1840Duplin County, North Carolina I9266
    24 MATHEWS, Alexander  1830Duplin County, North Carolina I1738
    25 MATHEWS, Alexander  1840Duplin County, North Carolina I1738
    26 MATHEWS, Elizabeth  1840Duplin County, North Carolina I1736
    27 MATHEWS, James  Apr 1786Duplin County, North Carolina I343060
    28 MATHEWS, James  1810Duplin County, North Carolina I343060
    29 MATHEWS, James  1820Duplin County, North Carolina I343060
    30 MATHEWS, James  1830Duplin County, North Carolina I1737
    31 MATHEWS, James  1840Duplin County, North Carolina I1737
    32 MATHEWS, John  1810Duplin County, North Carolina I1002
    33 MATHEWS, John  1820Duplin County, North Carolina I1002
    34 MATHEWS, John  1830Duplin County, North Carolina I1002
    35 MATHEWS, John  1840Duplin County, North Carolina I1002
    36 MATHEWS, Nancy  1840Duplin County, North Carolina I91
    37 MATHEWS, Stephen  1840Duplin County, North Carolina I1733
    38 O'DANIEL  1790Duplin County, North Carolina I343042
    39 O'DANIEL, Adaline  1850Duplin County, North Carolina I1881
    40 O'DANIEL, Alexander  1790Duplin County, North Carolina I1732
    41 O'DANIEL, Alexander  1800Duplin County, North Carolina I1732
    42 O'DANIEL, Alexander  1810Duplin County, North Carolina I1732
    43 O'DANIEL, Alexander  1820Duplin County, North Carolina I1725
    44 O'DANIEL, Alexander  1850Duplin County, North Carolina I1877
    45 O'DANIEL, Catherine "Kitsy"  1820Duplin County, North Carolina I1001
    46 O'DANIEL, Catherine "Kitsy"  1830Duplin County, North Carolina I1001
    47 O'DANIEL, Catherine "Kitsy"  1840Duplin County, North Carolina I1001
    48 O'DANIEL, Hepsey Ann  1850Duplin County, North Carolina I1878
    49 O'DANIEL, James  1820Duplin County, North Carolina I1721
    50 O'DANIEL, James  1850Duplin County, North Carolina I1721

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    Military Service

    Matches 1 to 3 of 3

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
    1 O'DANIEL, Fredrick  1754Duplin County, North Carolina I1728
    2 O'DANIEL, Isaac  1754Duplin County, North Carolina I8543
    3 O'DANIEL, James  4 Jul 1862Duplin County, North Carolina I1879


    Matches 1 to 16 of 16

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other    Person ID 
    1 GRADDY, John  9 Feb 1773Duplin County, North Carolina I9186
    2 HERRING, Abraham  20 Aug 1765Duplin County, North Carolina I8360
    3 KEATHLEY, Jonathan  20 Oct 1807Duplin County, North Carolina I343059
    4 O'DANIEL, Alexander  29 Jun 1780Duplin County, North Carolina I1732
    5 O'DANIEL, Alexander  1805-1809Duplin County, North Carolina I1732
    6 O'DANIEL, Charity  29 Jun 1780Duplin County, North Carolina I8378
    7 O'DANIEL, Fredrick  10 Apr 1753Duplin County, North Carolina I1728
    8 O'DANIEL, Fredrick  26 Sep 1753Duplin County, North Carolina I1728
    9 O'DANIEL, Fredrick  28 Sep 1761Duplin County, North Carolina I1728
    10 O'DANIEL, Owen  2 Oct 1777Duplin County, North Carolina I7032
    11 O'DANIEL, Owen  29 Jun 1780Duplin County, North Carolina I7032
    12 O'DANIEL, Owen  1805-1809Duplin County, North Carolina I7032
    13 O'DANIEL, William  29 Jun 1780Duplin County, North Carolina I7033
    14 RAINER, Daniel Jr.  24 Jul 1806Duplin County, North Carolina I7134
    15 WHITFIELD, Charity  29 Jun 1780Duplin County, North Carolina I1727
    16 WHITFIELD, William  20 Aug 1765Duplin County, North Carolina I8354


    Matches 1 to 8 of 8

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
    1 HERRING, Abraham  22 Nov 1746Duplin County, North Carolina I8360
    2 MATHEWS, James  22 Jan 1806Duplin County, North Carolina I343060
    3 O'DANIEL, Alexander  Jul 1811Duplin County, North Carolina I1732
    4 O'DANIEL, Owen  1780Duplin County, North Carolina I7032
    5 O'DANIEL, Owen  1806Duplin County, North Carolina I7032
    6 O'DANIEL, William  2 Oct 1777Duplin County, North Carolina I7033
    7 RAINER, Daniel  1763Duplin County, North Carolina I7133
    8 WHITFIELD, William  22 Nov 1746Duplin County, North Carolina I8354


    Matches 1 to 25 of 25

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 Croom / Herring  4 Mar 1777Duplin County, North Carolina F3115
    2 Glisson / Herring  6 Sep 1783Duplin County, North Carolina F3116
    3 Graddy / Carpenter  22 Jan 1806Duplin County, North Carolina F3140
    4 Graddy / Quinney  23 Apr 1794Duplin County, North Carolina F2872
    5 Grady / O'DANIEL  15 Dec 1813Duplin County, North Carolina F2482
    6 Herring / Croom  17 Nov 1782Duplin County, North Carolina F3136
    7 Herring / Hodges  24 Dec 1807Duplin County, North Carolina F3120
    8 Herring / Keathley  17 Nov 1808Duplin County, North Carolina F3139
    9 Herring / Middleton  14 Jan 1800Duplin County, North Carolina F3119
    10 Herring / Roberts  13 May 1782Duplin County, North Carolina F3135
    11 Herring / Shotwell  18 Sep 1780Duplin County, North Carolina F3132
    12 Herring / Whitfield  1 Mar 1750Duplin County, North Carolina F2869
    13 Herring / WHITFIELD  2 May 1782Duplin County, North Carolina F2867
    14 JONES / Dale  19 Aug 1816Duplin County, North Carolina F507
    15 JONES / Grimes  12 May 1830Duplin County, North Carolina F3151
    16 Kornegay / O'DANIEL  5 Feb 1805Duplin County, North Carolina F2479
    17 Kornegay / Oliver  27 Aug 1798Duplin County, North Carolina F2866
    18 MATHEWS / O'DANIEL  27 Oct 1826Duplin County, North Carolina F346
    19 New / Herring  8 Nov 1794Duplin County, North Carolina F3118
    20 O'DANIEL / Grady  1 Oct 1790Duplin County, North Carolina F2475
    21 O'DANIEL / Grady  1884Duplin County, North Carolina F125455
    22 O'DANIEL / Herring  16 Jun 1781Duplin County, North Carolina F2476
    23 O'DANIEL / Herring  10 Aug 1789Duplin County, North Carolina F2477
    24 RAINER / Jarvis  4 Mar 1779Duplin County, North Carolina F2503
    25 Worley / O'DANIEL  12 Aug 1803Duplin County, North Carolina F2480