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  • Cook County, Illinois


    Tree: Blecha/McDaniel

    Latitude: 41.7376587, Longitude: -87.6975540


    Matches 1 to 19 of 19

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
    1 BLECHA, Arlene E  22 May 1934Cook County, Illinois I1594 Blecha/McDaniel 
    2 BLECHA, Bernice E  19 July 1925Cook County, Illinois P358240 Blecha/McDaniel 
    3 BLECHA, Caroline  5 Sep 1912Cook County, Illinois I1853 Blecha/McDaniel 
    4 BLECHA, Joseph S  04 Jul 1924Cook County, Illinois I375056 Blecha/McDaniel 
    5 BLECHA, Louis  1910Cook County, Illinois I1852 Blecha/McDaniel 
    6 BLECHA REID, Leonard J  6 Jul 1952Cook County, Illinois I11851 Blecha/McDaniel 
    7 GISSELBERG, Virginia Gladys  7 Feb 1928Cook County, Illinois I7153 Blecha/McDaniel 
    8 KANE, Marilyn P  1942Cook County, Illinois I9763 Blecha/McDaniel 
    9 KOSIK, Bedrich  Abt 1900Cook County, Illinois I8287 Blecha/McDaniel 
    10 KOSIK, Helen  Abt 1902Cook County, Illinois I8288 Blecha/McDaniel 
    11 KOSIK, Jerry  Abt 1909Cook County, Illinois I8290 Blecha/McDaniel 
    12 KOSIK, John  Abt 1907Cook County, Illinois I8289 Blecha/McDaniel 
    13 KRATOCHVIL, Edward James  30 Jun 1958Cook County, Illinois I12077 Blecha/McDaniel 
    14 KRATOCHVIL, Leonard H  15 Jun 1940Cook County, Illinois I10791 Blecha/McDaniel 
    15 PAVLIS, Edward A  14 Oct 1911Cook County, Illinois I5253 Blecha/McDaniel 
    16 PERSTLEN, William Virgil  13 Jul 1919Cook County, Illinois I1854 Blecha/McDaniel 
    17 WEBER, LaVergne  28 Apr 1927Cook County, Illinois I8765 Blecha/McDaniel 
    18 WEBER, Mary E  5 Jun 1882Cook County, Illinois I6028 Blecha/McDaniel 
    19 ZAJICEK, June V.  3 Jun 1921Cook County, Illinois I1539 Blecha/McDaniel 


    Matches 1 to 49 of 49

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
    1 ARPIN, Olive Hattie  1947Cook County, Illinois I7967 Blecha/McDaniel 
    2 AUSTERICK, Vera  29 Dec 1973Cook County, Illinois I11260 Blecha/McDaniel 
    3 BASKOVITZ, Rudolph  8 Dec 1982Cook County, Illinois I11853 Blecha/McDaniel 
    4 BLECHA, Arlene E  16 Jul 2010Cook County, Illinois I1594 Blecha/McDaniel 
    5 BLECHA, Caroline  6 Sep 1958Cook County, Illinois I1853 Blecha/McDaniel 
    6 BLECHA, Frantisek "Frank" Xaverska  27 Sep 1960Cook County, Illinois I1542 Blecha/McDaniel 
    7 BLECHA, James Patrick  13 Sep 1970Cook County, Illinois I375721 Blecha/McDaniel 
    8 BLECHA, John Joseph  6 Nov 1985Cook County, Illinois I1578 Blecha/McDaniel 
    9 BLECHA, Lillian A  05 Mar 1974Cook County, Illinois I376548 Blecha/McDaniel 
    10 BLECHA, Louis  1910Cook County, Illinois I1852 Blecha/McDaniel 
    11 BLECHA, Vaclav "James"  20 Feb 1955Cook County, Illinois I375736 Blecha/McDaniel 
    12 DIEKMANN, Dorathea "Dorothy"  1997Cook County, Illinois I8495 Blecha/McDaniel 
    13 DIEKMANN, Harold  1944Cook County, Illinois I8497 Blecha/McDaniel 
    14 DIEKMANN, Herbert A  1961Cook County, Illinois I8498 Blecha/McDaniel 
    15 DIEKMANN, William A  1 Oct 1951Cook County, Illinois I8488 Blecha/McDaniel 
    16 FIGEL, Agnes  5 May 1976Cook County, Illinois I1645 Blecha/McDaniel 
    17 FLENS, Agnes  12 Nov 1966Cook County, Illinois I10677 Blecha/McDaniel 
    18 GOLATKA, Catherine  17 Mar 1983Cook County, Illinois I12138 Blecha/McDaniel 
    19 HAVLIS, Joseph James  26 Jul 1955Cook County, Illinois I1552 Blecha/McDaniel 
    20 HOFFMAN, Valerie Eleanor  9 Sept 1976Cook County, Illinois I12106 Blecha/McDaniel 
    21 KADLEC, Bohumil  1969Cook County, Illinois I12114 Blecha/McDaniel 
    22 KAMEN, Anna  11 Jan 1941Cook County, Illinois I343087 Blecha/McDaniel 
    23 KAMEN, Emma M  Aug 1974Cook County, Illinois I7983 Blecha/McDaniel 
    24 KAMEN, John Charles  Feb 1964Cook County, Illinois I7981 Blecha/McDaniel 
    25 KAMEN, John Frank  2 Nov 1963Cook County, Illinois I7991 Blecha/McDaniel 
    26 KANE, Marilyn P  20 Nov 1943Cook County, Illinois I9763 Blecha/McDaniel 
    27 KANE, Walter A  25 Jul 1963Cook County, Illinois I5393 Blecha/McDaniel 
    28 KRAFT, William F  1957Cook County, Illinois I6218 Blecha/McDaniel 
    29 KREMLOVA, Josefina "Josie" A  5 Mar 1932Cook County, Illinois I6051 Blecha/McDaniel 
    30 KRISTUFEK, Joseph W  11 Jan 1961Cook County, Illinois I7911 Blecha/McDaniel 
    31 LANG, Barbara  20 May 1922Cook County, Illinois I1525 Blecha/McDaniel 
    32 LUSK, Erma  19 Aug 1972Cook County, Illinois I7922 Blecha/McDaniel 
    33 MCDURMON, Mildred D  21 Dec 1987Cook County, Illinois I11158 Blecha/McDaniel 
    34 NEJDL, John W  28 Mar 1973Cook County, Illinois I6020 Blecha/McDaniel 
    35 NEJDL, Kamile "Camilla" Mildred  17 Oct 1959Cook County, Illinois I6021 Blecha/McDaniel 
    36 OTTO, Anthony Albert  1966Cook County, Illinois I12097 Blecha/McDaniel 
    37 PAVLIS, John  Feb 1944Cook County, Illinois I5254 Blecha/McDaniel 
    38 PETERSEN, Walter  11 Dec 1983Cook County, Illinois I9553 Blecha/McDaniel 
    39 POCH, Ernest  2 Jan 1999Cook County, Illinois I6038 Blecha/McDaniel 
    40 POLANKOVA, Anna  28 Dec 1936Cook County, Illinois I1550 Blecha/McDaniel 
    41 ROMSA, Arnold Edwin  9 Jan 1967Cook County, Illinois I1592 Blecha/McDaniel 
    42 RYCHECKY, Anton J  4 May 1960Cook County, Illinois I8230 Blecha/McDaniel 
    43 RYCHECKY, Josef  6 Jan 1944Cook County, Illinois I1655 Blecha/McDaniel 
    44 UNKNOWN, Anna  1988Cook County, Illinois I1538 Blecha/McDaniel 
    45 VAVRINEC, Frances  1954Cook County, Illinois I12096 Blecha/McDaniel 
    46 WEISENBURGER, Harriet M  26 Dec 1974Cook County, Illinois I5956 Blecha/McDaniel 
    47 ZAJICEK, Camille (Kamila) M  26 Sep 1957Cook County, Illinois I1528 Blecha/McDaniel 
    48 ZAJICEK, Kristina  2 Sep 1890Cook County, Illinois I6185 Blecha/McDaniel 
    49 ZAJICEK, Yaroslav Valarian or Jerome  18 Aug 1980Cook County, Illinois I169384 Blecha/McDaniel 


    Matches 1 to 2 of 2

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Married    Person ID   Tree 
    1 BLECHA, Lorraine Marie  9 April 1948Cook County, Illinois P358248 Blecha/McDaniel 
    2 WEBSTER, Edward M  9 April 1948Cook County, Illinois P358249 Blecha/McDaniel 


    Matches 1 to 2 of 2

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
    1 BLECHA, Josef  Between 1917 and 1918Cook County, Illinois I374895 Blecha/McDaniel 
    2 BLECHA, Joseph S  Cook County, Illinois I375056 Blecha/McDaniel 


    Matches 1 to 42 of 42

       Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
    1 BARTA / Kratochvil  14 Jun 1944Cook County, Illinois F631 Blecha/McDaniel 
    2 Blecha / Bouse  12 Jan 1948Cook County, Illinois F954 Blecha/McDaniel 
    3 Blecha / Dvorak  31 Oct 1939Cook County, Illinois  F4110 Blecha/McDaniel 
    4 Blecha / Gaska  24 Nov 1932Cook County, Illinois F534 Blecha/McDaniel 
    5 Blecha / Harris  24 May 1955Cook County, Illinois F547 Blecha/McDaniel 
    6 Blecha / Konieczny  Abt 1927Cook County, Illinois F713 Blecha/McDaniel 
    7 BLECHA / PLASOVA  22 Apr 1890Cook County, Illinois F129970 Blecha/McDaniel 
    8 Blecha / Taylor  26 Oct 1939Cook County, Illinois F136513 Blecha/McDaniel 
    9 Busch / Rush  18 Jun 1955Cook County, Illinois F3677 Blecha/McDaniel 
    10 Carpenter / Huston  16 Oct 1959Cook County, Illinois F3753 Blecha/McDaniel 
    11 Chaput / Furman  7 May, 1949Cook County, Illinois  F3970 Blecha/McDaniel 
    12 Cuchna / Pavlis  25 Nov 1914Cook County, Illinois F2388 Blecha/McDaniel 
    13 Diekmann / Evertsen  7 Dec 1937Cook County, Illinois  F4221 Blecha/McDaniel 
    14 Friedwald / Flens  Before 1930Cook County, Illinois F3666 Blecha/McDaniel 
    15 Friedwald / Frowbridge  24 May 1941Cook County, Illinois F3663 Blecha/McDaniel 
    16 Gatewood / Oliva  4 Sep 1954Cook County, Illinois F3357 Blecha/McDaniel 
    17 Homolka /   18 Mar 1940Cook County, Illinois F2849 Blecha/McDaniel 
    18 Homolka / Lauth  13 Jan 1947Cook County, Illinois F2109 Blecha/McDaniel 
    19 Homolka / Zajicek  1924Cook County, Illinois F2108 Blecha/McDaniel 
    20 Kane / Blecha  24 Jun 1930Cook County, Illinois F1927 Blecha/McDaniel 
    21 Karas / Havlis  23 Jun 1934Cook County, Illinois F550 Blecha/McDaniel 
    22 KLAUS / Gisselberg  27 May 1952Cook County, Illinois F2513 Blecha/McDaniel 
    23 KOZLOSKI / Lande  20 Jul 1892Cook County, Illinois F630 Blecha/McDaniel 
    24 Lande / Hausner  20 Jun 1885Cook County, Illinois F2514 Blecha/McDaniel 
    25 LANG / SEFRAUEK  5 Feb 1881Cook County, Illinois F652 Blecha/McDaniel 
    26 Lawrence / Friedwald  28 Feb 1946Cook County, Illinois F3667 Blecha/McDaniel 
    27 Major / Havlis  13 May 1940Cook County, Illinois F549 Blecha/McDaniel 
    28 Marcus-Koklinsky / Blecha  26 Apr 1935Cook County, Illinois F545 Blecha/McDaniel 
    29 Marcus-Koklinsky / Piekarz  17 Jan 1934Cook County, Illinois F3253 Blecha/McDaniel 
    30 Mueller / Zajicek  10 Aug 1940Cook County, Illinois F1879 Blecha/McDaniel 
    31 Pavlis / Austerick  2 Feb 1937Cook County, Illinois F1886 Blecha/McDaniel 
    32 Romsa / Holub  6 Jun 1940Cook County, Illinois F553 Blecha/McDaniel 
    33 Russell / Zajicek  5 May 1933Cook County, Illinois F64583 Blecha/McDaniel 
    34 Sobeslav / Formanek  30 Mar 1891Cook County, Illinois F2128 Blecha/McDaniel 
    35 Sobeslav / Zajicek  13 Jan 1883Cook County, Illinois F2127 Blecha/McDaniel 
    36 Thommes / LANG  29 Aug 1940Cook County, Illinois F3883 Blecha/McDaniel 
    37 Welat / Firpack  13 Jan 1901Cook County, Illinois F2270 Blecha/McDaniel 
    38 Welat / Gross  13 Apr 1921Cook County, Illinois F2450 Blecha/McDaniel 
    39 Zajicek / Adams  25 Jan 1951Cook County, Illinois F4052 Blecha/McDaniel 
    40 Zajicek / Ford  18 Jul 1940Cook County, Illinois F4049 Blecha/McDaniel 
    41 Zajicek / Hollibaugh  10 Mar 1947Cook County, Illinois F2114 Blecha/McDaniel 
    42 Zajicek / Kremlova  4 Feb 1893Cook County, Illinois F2125 Blecha/McDaniel 


    Matches 1 to 2 of 2

       Family    Divorced    Family ID   Tree 
    1 Gillies / Lomicky  Before 1940Cook County, Illinois F3880 Blecha/McDaniel 
    2 Komorous / Dvorak  Abt 1938Cook County, Illinois F4111 Blecha/McDaniel 

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