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  • Belleville, Republic County, Kansas


    Tree: Blecha/McDaniel

    Latitude: 39.8244501, Longitude: -97.6325415


    Matches 1 to 10 of 10

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 BLECHA, Nancy Elizabeth  24 May 1951Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I169532
    2 BRZON, Wilma E.  21 Aug 1913Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I170867
    3 CERNY, Dawn Jo  11 Jul 1942Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I171156
    4 DUNBACK, James Deane  1 Nov 1918Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I171066
    5 HANEL, Arthur Floyd  24 Dec 1899Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I169571
    6 HANZLICK, Anna  15 Feb 1900Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I171002
    7 PARK, James Jay  10 Oct 1964Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I354367
    8 RUNDUS, Rudolph Raymond  7 Aug 1921Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I175543
    9 TRECEK, Amanda Lea  8 Jan 1987Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I173457
    10 VISHNEFSKE, Dolores Doris  1 Jul 1923Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I171065


    Matches 1 to 50 of 61

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 Olive G  19 Oct 2004Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I10038
    2 BARTAK, Elmer G  02 Aug 2000Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I171323
    3 BARTAK, Elmer George  02 Aug 2000Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I375051
    4 BARTAK, Frank Josef  Nov 1962Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I375016
    5 BLECHA, Adelaide Elizabeth  30 Mar 1972Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I171324
    6 BLECHA, Adolph  2 Oct 1976Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I169494
    7 BLECHA, Adolph W  4 Nov 1973Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I176538
    8 BLECHA, Anna  13 Jan 1958Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I169560
    9 BLECHA, Anna Victoria  15 Mar 1999Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I374928
    10 BLECHA, Charles August  29 Jan 2009Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I170883
    11 BLECHA, Charley Edward  13 Sep 2004Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I169575
    12 BLECHA, Edward D  5 Jul 1959Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I169497
    13 BLECHA, Emma  23 Mar 1963Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I169562
    14 BLECHA, Ernest Earl  8 May 2005Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I169577
    15 BLECHA, Grace Ann  17 Dec 2010Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I169583
    16 BLECHA, Magdeline (Maggie)  24 Aug 1963Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I169495
    17 BLECHA, William  25 Mar 1969Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I169492
    18 BOWERSOX, Winston Lavon  3 Nov 2005Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I171014
    19 BRZON, Arthur  19 Jan 1990Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I170859
    20 BRZON, Helen B.  3 Dec 1994Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I170862
    21 BRZON, Loren Dale  16 Jan 1997Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I171011
    22 BRZON, Olga  23 Apr 1989Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I170860
    23 BRZON, Twila Louise  16 Aug 2010Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I171013
    24 BRZON, Wilma E.  24 May 1999Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I170867
    25 CASALAVA, Mary Katherine  26 Jul 1959Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I375017
    26 CERNY, Stanley Edward  2 Feb 1972Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I171007
    27 CHALOUPKA, John George  22 Feb 1988Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I176009
    28 CHERMAK, Anna  12 Oct 1967Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I169569
    29 CHOPP, William M.  23 Nov 1981Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I176021
    30 FIALA, Bessie A.  11 Oct 1991Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I173426
    31 FIALA, Joe  26 Aug 1995Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I10456
    32 FISHER, Milek  18 Mar 1988Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I170900
    33 GARMAN, Florence Narveene  20 Mar 2002Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I171012
    34 HADACHEK, Lucille M.  16 Feb 1961Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I173515
    35 HANEL, Arthur Floyd  25 Oct 1984Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I169571
    36 HANEL, Joseph George  4 Nov 1955Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I169565
    37 HANEL, William  6 Feb 1989Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I169574
    38 HANZLICK, Anna  6 Nov 1989Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I171002
    39 HARDENBURGER, Leona Edna  4 Dec 2008Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I169585
    40 HOLAN, Margaret Elizabeth  17 Sep 1989Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I175981
    41 HORAK, Christina  7 May 1978Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I170879
    42 HRUZA, Anna  5 Jan 1962Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I170868
    43 HUBKA, Blanche Viola  9 Aug 1991Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I174728
    44 HUBKA, Ellula Ella  30 Apr 1988Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I174726
    45 HUBKA, Emma Anna  11 May 1993Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I174727
    46 JEARDOE, Elizabeth Pearl  18 Sep 1984Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I169529
    47 JUNEK, Leon Lee  10 Jun 1993Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I173435
    48 KALIVODA, William Frances  17 Jun 1995Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I171349
    49 KLIMA, Marie (Mary)  3 Jan 1973Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I169523
    50 KNEDLIK, Frank  2 Jan 1976Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I169579

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    Matches 1 to 7 of 7

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    1 BRZON, Arthur  23 Jan 1990Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I170859
    2 BRZON, Helen B.  7 Dec 1994Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I170862
    3 BRZON, Michael Matthew  Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I170865
    4 BRZON, Olga  26 Apr 1989Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I170860
    5 HANZLICK, Anna  9 Nov 1989Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I171002
    6 MARSICEK, Joseph  16 Dec 1981Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I171005
    7 VISHNEFSKE, John H.  2 Oct 1982Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I171003


    Matches 1 to 2 of 2

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
    1 BLECHA, Ernest George  2006Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I169522
    2 BLECHA, Rudolph Albert  Belleville, Republic County, Kansas I374956


    Matches 1 to 12 of 12

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 Blecha / Hruza  24 May 1905Belleville, Republic County, Kansas F61801
    2 Blecha / Jeardoe  12 Aug 1942Belleville, Republic County, Kansas F61834
    3 Blecha / Kolbaba  2 Aug 1910Belleville, Republic County, Kansas F63592
    4 Blecha / Rytych  4 Sep 1906Belleville, Republic County, Kansas F61808
    5 Blecha / Shimanek  16 Feb 1904Belleville, Republic County, Kansas F61807
    6 Blecha / Sistek  02 Aug 1915Belleville, Republic County, Kansas F135984
    7 Brzon / Hanzlick  19 Oct 1921Belleville, Republic County, Kansas F62390
    8 Filipi / Chopp  18 Aug 1945Belleville, Republic County, Kansas F64336
    9 Kasper / Novotny  1 Jan 1918Belleville, Republic County, Kansas F63283
    10 Knedlik / Blecha  25 Apr 1901Belleville, Republic County, Kansas F61863
    11 Kuchera / Hubka  18 Apr 1928Belleville, Republic County, Kansas F64083
    12 Novotny / Fiala  22 Feb 1928Belleville, Republic County, Kansas F63285