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  • Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD


    Tree: Blecha/McDaniel

    Latitude: 39.2719243, Longitude: -76.6304689


    Matches 1 to 18 of 18

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 DUNSING, Joseph Charles  5 Apr 1918Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I10427
    2 FRIEDWALD, John A  13 Feb 1888Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I9606
    3 GREGOR, Anna Christina  7 Jul 1914Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I10418
    4 GREGOR, Jan Albert "John"  17 Nov 1911Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I10417
    5 HEILMAN, Nicholas  21 Oct 1916Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I10425
    6 MUCHNA, Antoinette Josephine "Ann"  26 Aug 1923Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I10426
    7 MUCHNA, Clara Anoinette  7 Feb 1921Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I10424
    8 MUCHNA, Lillian  Abt 1928Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I10430
    9 MUCHNA, Mildred A  4 Feb 1925Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I10428
    10 PHELPS, Jennifer "Jen" Mechel  31 Mar 1984Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I10498
    11 PIERATT, Barbara  10 Jan 1793Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I96
    12 PIERATT, James  16 Apr 1795Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I95
    13 PIERATT, John Morris  13 Dec 1790Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I97
    14 RADER, George Peter  13 Jul 1892Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I10419
    15 SCHWARZTRAUBER, Woodrow Gregory "Woody"  11 Sep 1943Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I10422
    16 WELLS, Edmund  2 Mar 1777Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I5809
    17 WHARTON, Angela Marcella "Angie"  21 Jul 1948Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I10421
    18 WHARTON, William Howard "Bill"  Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I10423


    Matches 1 to 3 of 3

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
    1 PIERATT, Barbara  2 May 1794Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I96
    2 PIERATT, James  7 Nov 1795Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I95
    3 PIERATT, John Morris  2 May 1794Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I97


    Matches 1 to 13 of 13

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 GREGOR, Anna Christina  4 Oct 1978Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I10418
    2 GREGOR, Jan Albert "John"  21 Feb 1919Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I10417
    3 MARPLE, Eva Hazel  Oct 1980Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I3624
    4 MAYEROVA, Anna  8 May 1912Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I1730
    5 MUCHNA, John  8 Feb 1930Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I7043
    6 PERATT, Valentine M  10 Oct 1988Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I8530
    7 PLOS, Anna Christina "Annie"  21 Sep 1960Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I10398
    8 PLOS, Antoinette Josephine "Fennie"  7 Apr 1982Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I5218
    9 PLOS, Vojtech "Albert"  24 Apr 1911Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I7575
    10 RADER, George Peter  Jan 1965Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I10419
    11 SCHWARZTRAUBER, Woodrow Gregory "Woody"  25 Feb 1969Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I10422
    12 WHARTON, Angela Marcella "Angie"  30 Apr 1988Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I10421
    13 WHARTON, William Howard "Bill"  Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I10423


    Matches 1 to 9 of 9

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
    1 HAUSNER, Anna  3 Jun 1868Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I7154
    2 POLACEK, Kristina Katherine  12 Aug 1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I347504
    3 PTACEK, Josephine A  1876Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I348228
    4 PTACEK, Josephine A  6 Dec 1876Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I348228
    5 SOMER, Anna Marie  12 Aug 1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I347815
    6 SOMER, Antonin Frank  12 Aug 1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I347494
    7 SOMER, Matthew Mathias Marty  12 Aug 1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I347818
    8 SOMER, Vaclav Wenzl Waclawa  12 Aug 1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I347503
    9 SOMER, Vaclav Wenzl Waclawa  12 Aug 1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I347503


    Matches 1 to 5 of 5

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
    1 MAYEROVA, Anna  1900Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I1730
    2 PLOS, Anna Christina "Annie"  1900Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I10398
    3 PLOS, Antoinette Josephine "Fennie"  1900Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I5218
    4 PLOS, Marie Katerina "Mary"  1900Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I2878
    5 PLOS, Vojtech "Albert"  1900Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I7575


    Matches 1 to 50 of 62

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
    1 Anna  27 May 1867Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I8026
    2 BLECHA, Alois  5 Sep 1864Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I343098
    3 BLECHA, Clara  5 Sep 1864Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I169452
    4 BLECHA, Frank "Franz" Joseph  5 Sep 1864Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I169449
    5 BLECHA, Frantisek "Frank" Joseph  18 Apr 1878Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I169464
    6 BLECHA, Jan Nepomuk  18 Apr 1878Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I169415
    7 BLECHA, Joannes "John" Nepomuk  27 May 1867Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I169437
    8 BLECHA, Johann (John)  5 Sep 1864Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I169453
    9 BLECHA, Josef  5 Sep 1864Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I169413
    10 BLECHA, Josef Sr.  5 Sep 1864Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I343097
    11 BLECHA, Karl  5 Sep 1864Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I343100
    12 BLECHA, Ludmilla Elizabeth  4 Aug 1856Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I169456
    13 BLECHA, Maria  4 Aug 1856Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I7950
    14 BLECHA, Matej (Mike)  4 Aug 1856Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I169414
    15 BLECHA, Vaclav (Vencil)  4 Aug 1856Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I169455
    16 BLECHOVA, Anna  3 Aug 1866Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I8028
    17 BLECHOVA, Antonie "Antonia"  18 Apr 1878Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I169466
    18 BLECHOVA, Frantiska  3 Aug 1866Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I176534
    19 BLECHOVA, Josefa "Josephine"  27 May 1867Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I169411
    20 BLECHOVA, Marie  4 Aug 1856Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I2500
    21 BLECHOVA, Marie "Mary"  18 Apr 1878Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I169465
    22 DVORAK, Veronika  12 Aug 1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I173670
    23 HINEROVA, Anna  4 Aug 1856Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I169420
    24 JAKUBKA, Marie  18 Apr 1878Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I169421
    25 KAMEN, Anna  3 Aug 1866Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I343087
    26 KAMEN, Antonin "Anthony" C  3 Aug 1866Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I343096
    27 KAMEN, Franciscus A  3 Aug 1866Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I8027
    28 KAMEN, Frantisek Joseph  3 Aug 1866Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I343091
    29 KAMEN, Jan  3 Aug 1866Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I343084
    30 KAMEN, Josef J  3 Aug 1866Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I343090
    31 KAMEN, Vaclav  3 Aug 1866Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I343085
    32 KARAS, Martin  10 Sep 1875Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I176511
    33 KARAS, Vaclav  10 Sep 1875Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I8023
    34 LOUKOTOVA, Anna  27 May 1867Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I8025
    35 MAYEROVA, Anna  4 Dec 1891Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I1730
    36 PETRASKOVA, Katerina (Kathryn)  5 Nov 1869Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I169717
    37 PLOS, Anna Christina "Annie"  4 Dec 1891Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I10398
    38 PLOS, Antoinette Josephine "Fennie"  4 Dec 1891Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I5218
    39 PLOS, Marie Katerina "Mary"  4 Dec 1891Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I2878
    40 PLOS, Vojtech "Albert"  22 Oct 1891Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I7575
    41 ROTH, Marie Anna  5 Sep 1864Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I169419
    42 SEBEK, Aloise  12 Aug 1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I176512
    43 SEBEK, Frances  12 Aug 1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I173668
    44 SEBEK, Frantisek  12 Aug 1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I173669
    45 SEIDEL, Wenzl  27 May 1867Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I176502
    46 SHMIDL, John  4 Aug 1856Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I7925
    47 SMIDL, Anna  4 Aug 1856Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I7952
    48 SMIDL, Josefa  4 Aug 1856Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I7951
    49 SMIDL, Maria  4 Aug 1856Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I7953
    50 SMIDL, Vojtech  4 Aug 1856Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD I7804

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    Matches 1 to 6 of 6

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 Buelow / Muchna  21 Nov 1944Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD F3580
    2 Gregor / Plos  29 Jan 1911Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD F3566
    3 Heilman / Muchna  22 Feb 1941Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD F3578
    4 Muchna / Plos  14 Apr 1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD F618
    5 Rader / Plos  13 Jun 1935Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD F3575
    6 Schwarztrauber / Wharton  1968Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD F3577