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  • Richardson CO, Nebraska


    Tree: Blecha/McDaniel

    Latitude: 40.0898025, Longitude: -95.64579509999998


    Matches 1 to 23 of 23

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 BLECHA, Albert J.  18 Sep 1886Richardson CO, Nebraska I174673
    2 BLECHA, Emil  11 Feb 1913Richardson CO, Nebraska I174722
    3 BLECHA, Emma  12 Jul 1885Richardson CO, Nebraska I169502
    4 BLECHA, John F. Jr.  13 Sep 1902Richardson CO, Nebraska I175714
    5 BLECHA, Julie  2 Feb 1877Richardson CO, Nebraska I174668
    6 BLECHA, Leonard Anton  8 Dec 1904Richardson CO, Nebraska I174713
    7 BLECHA, Ludwig  8 Jan 1887Richardson CO, Nebraska I174662
    8 BLECHA, Ludwig L.  18 Jan 1888Richardson CO, Nebraska I174674
    9 BLECHA, Mary  3 Mar 1883Richardson CO, Nebraska I174671
    10 BLECHA, Minnie  23 Oct 1908Richardson CO, Nebraska I175733
    11 BLECHA, Unknown  17 Feb 1900Richardson CO, Nebraska I175712
    12 BLECHA, Unknown  21 May 1901Richardson CO, Nebraska I175713
    13 BLECHA, Unknown  2 Dec 1904Richardson CO, Nebraska I175715
    14 BLECHA, Unknown  26 Aug 1911Richardson CO, Nebraska I175956
    15 BLECHA, Victor L.  2 Oct 1903Richardson CO, Nebraska I174716
    16 BLECHA, Vlasta Anna  15 Jul 1911Richardson CO, Nebraska I175734
    17 BLECHA, Wenzel (James)  20 Sep 1884Richardson CO, Nebraska I174672
    18 DANIEL, Ludwig Louis  24 Mar 1905Richardson CO, Nebraska I175899
    19 HUNZEKER, Rudolph Otto  16 Oct 1908Richardson CO, Nebraska I175548
    20 LANG, Jesse Edward  9 Apr 1889Richardson CO, Nebraska I169612
    21 STEPANEK, Helen E.  10 Jan 1884Richardson CO, Nebraska I175895
    22 STRAWN, Maggie Elizabeth  1881Richardson CO, Nebraska I170871
    23 WILKINSON, Hattie Pool  7 Dec 1898Richardson CO, Nebraska I174739


    Matches 1 to 32 of 32

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 BLECHA, Charles  11 Jan 1931Richardson CO, Nebraska I174661
    2 BLECHA, Emil  2001Richardson CO, Nebraska I174722
    3 BLECHA, Emma  11 Jul 1887Richardson CO, Nebraska I169502
    4 BLECHA, Emma  28 Apr 1897Richardson CO, Nebraska I169726
    5 BLECHA, Ernest Emil  30 Nov 2004Richardson CO, Nebraska I174853
    6 BLECHA, Frantisek "Frank" Sr.  15 Apr 1889Richardson CO, Nebraska I169438
    7 BLECHA, Frantisek "Frank"  8 Dec 1899Richardson CO, Nebraska I169412
    8 BLECHA, George  23 May 1890Richardson CO, Nebraska I169498
    9 BLECHA, Glenn Otto  5 Jul 1987Richardson CO, Nebraska I175897
    10 BLECHA, John F. Jr.  7 Jun 1917Richardson CO, Nebraska I175714
    11 BLECHA, John W.  28 Feb 1916Richardson CO, Nebraska I169727
    12 BLECHA, Julie  10 May 1887Richardson CO, Nebraska I174668
    13 BLECHA, Ludwig  5 May 1901Richardson CO, Nebraska I174662
    14 BLECHA, Ludwig L.  28 Dec 1968Richardson CO, Nebraska I174674
    15 BLECHA, Marie (Mary)  7 May 1897Richardson CO, Nebraska I169725
    16 BLECHA, Mary Ann  13 Feb 1940Richardson CO, Nebraska I175556
    17 BLECHA, Minnie  16 Jan 1909Richardson CO, Nebraska I175733
    18 BLECHA, Ray Allen  3 Jan 1951Richardson CO, Nebraska I175943
    19 BLECHA, Unknown  1 Mar 1900Richardson CO, Nebraska I175712
    20 BLECHA, Unknown  6 Jun 1901Richardson CO, Nebraska I175713
    21 BLECHA, Unknown  17 Dec 1904Richardson CO, Nebraska I175715
    22 BLECHA, Unknown  26 Aug 1911Richardson CO, Nebraska I175956
    23 BLECHA, Wenceslaus or Vaclav "James"  18 Apr 1920Richardson CO, Nebraska I169440
    24 BLECHA OR BLAKER, Rudolph L.  15 Nov 1969Richardson CO, Nebraska I169722
    25 BLECHOVA, Katerina "Katherine Anna"  8 Jan 1920Richardson CO, Nebraska I169416
    26 HOLECHEK, Irene Mae  1999Richardson CO, Nebraska I175475
    27 HOLECHEK, O'Tillie  1 Mar 1948Richardson CO, Nebraska I173281
    28 HUBKA, Josephine "Josefa"  26 Nov 1910Richardson CO, Nebraska I174663
    29 PETRASKOVA, Katerina (Kathryn)  23 Jun 1930Richardson CO, Nebraska I169717
    30 SCHLITZ, Maria (Mary)  18 Oct 1942Richardson CO, Nebraska I176536
    31 SEBKOVA, Frantiska (Francis)  3 Mar 1879Richardson CO, Nebraska I169418
    32 SIBL, Jakub (Jacob)  9 Feb 1897Richardson CO, Nebraska I173677


    Matches 1 to 1 of 1

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    1 SVOBODA, Arnold James  3 Nov 1994Richardson CO, Nebraska I173933